Wednesday 5 March 2014


When we were at the dentist this time last year the dentist said Becky might need braces....She has one of her lateral incisors missing....It's never been there and because it has never been there the front teeth are moving over to the right and filling the space where the missing tooth should be...

We went off to see the orthodontist and they said she still had a baby tooth so wouldn't even consider treatment....The tooth came out a few weeks ago and we were at the dentist last week.....

He said she will most definitely need braces now as there has been no improvement....We just have to wait for an appointment with the orthodontist now....

So it's given me time to research Braces.....I've never had them and don't really know anyone that has....It's scary reading.....

There will be tenderness at first especially while eating.....My poor girl!! She will also have to brush her teeth after every meal....The school won't be happy about that!

What she is eating will have to change too...Soft food for the first few days.....I'm thinking soup, scrambled eggs, smoothies and yoghurts...

There will be no popcorn, nuts, hard sweets, corn on the cob, whole apples (which she loves), pizza crusts, toffee and crusty bread....

I think the few days before Becky gets her braces I will let her have everything she won't be able to eat for god knows how long....

Becky is fine about getting braces and want's them but I don't know if it's just the novelty of them.....I sometimes wonder if I am doing the right thing about letting her get braces....Wonky teeth are not life threatening so it isn't vital to have braces...It's basically just cosmetic....I don't want to put her through any unnecessary pain....

 I have had a good chat with Becky about the braces.....She's been on YouTube and had a look how they are put on and removed.....We've explained that her mouth will be sore and it will feel strange she said to me "mam, I've had open heart surgery it can't be worse than that!" She really amazes me at times...She makes me so proud being so matter of fact about things and grown up....She's still my baby girl and I worry about her and always will!! 

Did you have braces as a child? Do your children have braces? How did you find them?


  1. I hated having brace's, however I wish I stuck at them :( x

  2. My daughter experienced something that sounds exactly the same - she had a tooth that didn't descend and stayed in her gum, so like your daughter has one missing and as a result her teeth were moving out of line. She had to have braces for about 2 years which meant lots of trips back and forward to the dental hospital and they did bother her a bit from time to time especially after a visit to the dentist when they would tighten the braces. But I have to say that she is now so glad she had them! Her teeth are lovely and straight and she has a gorgeous smile. We took a picture of her teeth before she started the treatment and when she looks at that now she realises what massive positive difference they made! Good luck!!

    1. Great to read something so positive!! Thank you x

  3. Braces are a possibility for my son who is 11. We will find out next month

  4. Never had one but wish I have it. Love to have a straight set of teeth!

  5. I had braces and they do hurt initially because they have to move your teeth ever so slowly. The first time they go on they will hurt for a couple of days until the teeth have moved, then when she gets them tightened, they will move ever so slightly again, and so on until they're in the correct position. It's uncomfortable but not unbearable. Oh and so worth it :) x

  6. From mine (and my sisters') experience, I would definitely say (and I know it's probably a long way down the line) but when the braces come off, make sure your daughter wears her retainer every single night!

    I didn't wear mine and my front 2 teeth have started to cross over a tiny bit! My sister didn't wear hers and she actually had braces again as an adult, but had to pay for private care - very expensive!

    Braces aren't too bad though, she will get used to them - I remember them catching the insides of my cheeks from time to time though!

    Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks for that Mark....It does help!! It is great to read other peoples experiences x

  7. I had braces as a kid, they were the kind you could pop in and out of your mouth rather than fixed so you could brush your teeth. They were a bit annoying and a little sore at first but I soon got used to them, Glad I stuck with them.