Saturday 29 March 2014

I don't have a mother....

Well technically I do....There is someone out there who gave birth to me and brought me up.....but to me she does not exist....

My mother and father were happily married until 2003 when my mother decided to run away with a man she had only ever spoken to on the internet! She moved to Scotland to be with him and the day she met him in person she moved in with him.....

I won't go into detail about what she did when she left but my dad was left with nothing.....She cleared their life savings out of the bank accounts and moved in with that man! 

Things were found out about the man she ran away with.....My dad and I found a lot of newspaper articles about him appearing in court for several different crimes.....Again I can't go into detail....I don't want to get myself into trouble....He was not someone I trusted especially not with my parents life savings.....

When I was told by my mothers new partner who I had never met and barely spoken to that I had to choose between my mam and my dad things really turned sour....She tried to blackmail me to move to Scotland as long as it was just Becky & I, she tried to blame everything on my dad and there was a lot of threats.....One of the funniest threats I had was that she would go to court to get custody of Becky as I was unstable because I was Googling her new I had my own home, I lived with Becky's father and Becky was well cared for. There was no issue.....I wasn't the one who ran off to a different country with a man I didn't know....Who's the unstable one there?....I had to constantly tell her and him to leave me alone eventually threatening them with the police....That scared them off!!

Well until a few years ago when she emailed me just after Ellie was born.....She was all nicey, nicey to me.....I told her I would talk to her but wanted nothing to do with her partner.....All I wanted was for her to admit what he had appeared in court for.....She wouldn't so that was that!!

I do have a point to this blog post.....

I am totally over the fact my mother isn't in my life but this week has been hard....I'm not sad I'm just annoyed and angry that my mother has made me feel this way about her....It's made me feel jealous of those who have mothers....I hate feeling like this...It always seems to hit home this time of year but this year has been a bit harder....

And to top it all.....This is the first time around mothers day that I have really been entering competitions on twitter...It has annoyed me....To win a prize tell us why you love your mum, why she's the best?.....I nearly replied to one describing my mother in 5 words....Not nice words 

There will be no bridges built......Too long has passed....I'm happy without my mother in my life 99% of the time....I have my Aunt who has taken over the role of a mother figure in my life and the grandmother role to my girls...I have my dad's partner to chat about the girly things and Bon Jovi....hehehe I also have a few very good friends who I can go to for anything....Who needs a mother

I hope you all have a very Happy Mothers Day tomorrow....I hope you are spoilt rotten and spoil your mothers rotten!!

My girls went out shopping last night after school with the promise that I would be getting make up, jewels, chocolate and a new I wish!!.....They did come back with a few bags which were hastily hidden away from me.....I honestly would be happy with a homemade card, a bit of a lie in (anything after 7am will do me) and breakfast in bed...


  1. ((hugs)) glad you have other people in your life to be there for you when you need them, oh and I hope you get that laptop tomorrow ;) x

    1. Thank you! I can dream! You have a fab day tomorrow too :)

  2. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been for you. I hope you got your breakfast in bed this morning!

  3. It must be nice knowing you can write about issues like this, relieve a bit of weight off your shoulders this time of year. I hope you fully enjoyed mothers day with your children and family xx

    1. It is....It's like therapy writing about things!
      I had a lovely day! Thank you x

  4. I popped over to read your word of the week post but got caught up in this one. Judging from your Silent Sunday this week you are a great mum (that is an impressive pile of Mother's day goodies!) so you should be proud that you learned how to be a fab Mum all by yourself