Wednesday 12 March 2014

The childish habits we never give up!

In a new survey of 2000 adults, two thirds said they still felt like a big kid at heart.....

However grown-up we are we just can't give up some of our childish habits.....They bring a bit of fun and childish joy to our days and I can always use the kids as an excuse when people look and frown....hehehe

Such simple pleasures take us back to more carefree childhood days and recall a time when we imagined anything was possible.....How many of them do you do?


1. Popping bubble wrap - Yep! Always...
2. Trampling through snow - Yes!
3. Sticking fingers in cake mix/ lick the bowl - It's the best bit about baking!
4. Kicking piles of leaves - Always!
5. Going on a swing - Yes!
6. Watching kids' movies - Some of them are better than grown up's films...
7. Pulling silly faces -
  8. Building a snowman - Yes...Now I have Do you want to build a snowman? Off Frozen stuck in my head again!
9. Touching hot plates - Nope....I'm not stupid!
10. Having a snowball fight - It has to be done if there's snow!
11. Prodding wet paint - No! That annoys me when people do that!
12. Doodling in meetings - Yes and when I'm on the phone...
13. Running away from the sea when at the beach - Doesn't everybody do that!
14. Watching cartoons - Rugrats! lol
15. Cracking through ice on puddles - Yes and jumping on it if it doesn't crack!
16. Drawing smiley faces in the mirror - Yes I do that every time I come out of the
17. Playing with your hair - Not really....
18. Jumping out and startling people - Sometimes
19. Blowing bubbles with chewing gum - I don't chew gum
20. Picking your nose - I'm not going to admit it....hehehe
21. Being the first to push the button at a pedestrian crossing/lift - I let the kids do this :)
22. Wheeling around on a trolley in supermarket -
23. Splashing in puddles - Of course!
24. Running/skipping for no reason - I don't run anywhere...
25. Having a water fight - Yes, a summer ritual!
26. Saying 'jinx' when someone says the same thing as you at the same time - I do now and again...
27. Drawing faces on celebrities' faces in magazines - Haven't for a while but yes...
28. Popping crisp packets - Yep!
29. Blowing a blade of grass - No
30. Slurping through your straw - Just to annoy the kids
31. Dressing up in fancy dress - Nooo! I hate fancy dress!
32. Swinging like a monkey on any bar that's around head height. - hahaha Yes!
33. Doing handstands/cartwheels/snow angels - Snow angels yes but not handstands or cartwheels....I'd break something...
34. Repeating everything a friend says to annoy them - Nope!
35. Shouting "shotgun" and running for the front seat in the car - I've done that before...
36. Not eating crusts - I never eat crusts....In fact I cut them off
37. Racing to be first at anything - No..
38. Pretending to walk downstairs "to the cellar" when you're stood behind a counter - No
39. Drawing on car windscreens - Yep
40. Pretending the shopping trolley is a car/motorbike - Always
41. Popping Fuchsias - No
42. Running through a sprinkler - Not for a long time...
43. Blowing bubbles in milk - It has to be done!
44. Going to bed with a toy - Errr no! :p
45. Rolling down a hill - Loads of fun!
46. Dressing up animals - No!
47. Sleeping with the light on - I do like the landing light on if Stu isn't in bed with me...
48. Stealing someone's hat - No..
49. Leapfrogging bollards - I wish I was agile enough!
50. Bum-sliding down banister - If I had one I would!


  1. Oh God I think I could say yes to all of those. I am 100% a big kid at heart but I wouldn't have it any other way. I still don't drive a car, I thought being a Mum would make me grow up, but it had the opposite effect. When will I get sensible? I just don't know ;-) Great post xx

  2. Ha ha I definitely do most of these!

  3. Most of these I would be able to tick off!! Really laughed at the pretending your are walking downstairs to the cellar when you're stood behind a counter!! :D

  4. A big tick to most of those things, some of which I've only done since I became a parent. Weird. But what about trampolining on the sofa? I seem to be doing this more and more as time goes on... Great post.

  5. Ha ha these made me laugh - it's funny because it's true

  6. Such an interesting survey. I never thought of licking a bowl as childish, or popping bubble wrap or most of them.. haha! Maybe I'm still a child! :) x

  7. This was such a fun list! I never eat the crust either, and love kids' movies.