Wednesday 13 August 2014

Birthday Clothes....

Over the few weeks or so it's my girls and Stu's birthdays.....

Stu is sorted....All he wants is a new graphics card for his computer which should be delivered sometime over the next few days! Hopefully before his birthday on Saturday!....It might not seem like much of a present but it costs over £150 and it's all he wants!

Ellie is sorted....She is at an age where she's so easy to buy for....Toys, toys and more toys and she is happy....

Becky....All she has asked for is Loom bands and clothes.....So I will be buying her a lot of Loom band related things and I've been browsing around for clothes...

Becky is fussy when it comes to what she wears though! Which tween isn' She prefers tracksuits, combats and t-shirts to dresses and fancy outfits....I have took a risk and bought her one dress from Sports Direct which she can wear with leggins....Not too dressy for her I hope..

This is what I've came up with so far....

Teens White Kitten Print Selfie T-Shirt - New Look - £6.99
Cotton Rich Skinny Fit Trousers - Marks and Spencer - £15
Glitzy Cuffed Jeans - Sports Direct - £7.50
Adidas Hooded Tracksuit - Sports Direct - £29.00
Disney Short Sleeve Tee - Sports Direct - £3.50

2 Piece Sequin Embellished T-Shirt & Leggings Outfit - Marks and Spencer - £22
Teens White Contrast Sleeve Chicago 96 Baseball Top - New Look - £6.99
Tammy Girl Slim Leg Joggers - BHS - £9
Lee Cooper Hoody - Sports Direct - £11.00
One Direction Pyjama Set - George - £9.00

Cat Print Jumpsuit  - Asda - £9
One Direction Sock 3 Pack - Sports Direct - £2.99
1D Sequin Hoody - Asda - £12
Lee Cooper Sleeveless Dress - Sports Direct - £6.00
Lace up canvas shoes - Deichmann - £8.99

It may seem quite a lot for a birthday but we had a sort out of the girls clothes a few weeks ago and Becky had grown out of most of the clothes she's owned...They have been passed down to Ellie.....So she really did need clothes!

 Quite a lot is from Sports Direct and George at Asda....I personally don't think anywhere can beat their prices....Plus we have those stores about a 10 minute walk away so I don't have to pay for delivery.....hehehe


  1. I love those canvas shoes - I'd like those for myself! x

    1. They're fab ain't they.....I quite fancy them too. lol

  2. Never really explored Sports Direct, but agree George at Asda is a winner.

    1. I've found Sports Direct to be cheaper online then they are in the actual store though.

  3. I love the pink M&S jeans and the cat print jumpsuit. I wish we'd had fun clothes like these when I was a teenager!

    1. Clothes are much nicer now a days....I feel so old saying

  4. Perfect choices for a Tween, and agree totally about Asda and Sports Direct, really great value.