Thursday 7 August 2014

Shake n' Make Ice Cream Maker - It Worked!!

Earlier in the week I posted my review of the Shake n' Make Ice Cream Maker....

We didn't have much success with it...

After speaking to the lovely person from Just Mustard who sent me the product to review it was decided that there may be be a batch issue and the thickness of the metal cone may have been too thick.....I was sent a new one to try!!

I did everything the same as I did in the original review and after about 4 minutes we ended up with this!!!

 Real Ice-cream!!!

It worked.....I am so pleased....It must of been a fault with the metal cone....That is the only thing which has changed....

Now I'm off to get shaking some more.....Ellie want's an ice cream too!! Then I may get round to making myself

The Shake n' Make Ice Cream Maker is available to buy from IWOOT for £10.99 and this time I am recommending it!!

I was sent the 'Shake n' Make Ice Cream Maker' free of charge for the purpose of this review....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!!


  1. Well done for persisting and then getting something that really does work.

  2. I had something similar with the slush one and it was just trial and error. got it working in the end. but ice cream???? yum

  3. Looks like a great idea, Monkey would love this #TriedTested

  4. Oh yay, I am so glad to hear it did work in the end! We might have to get some of these. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested