Monday 25 August 2014

Our Weekly Meal Plan!! - #mealplanningmonday

Last weeks meal plan went ok until we got to the weekend.....The Spaghetti Bolognese & Garlic bread was changed and we had a Chinese......We did have the bolognese on Saturday though....The left overs have been frozen....

This week is going to be a strange week.....It's the last full week of the school holidays.....Ellie's birthday and Stu is off work too.....We're going to go for a few trips out but which day we do depends on the weather so I can't really plan what day we're having what.....I just know this week is going to get expensive....

Sometime this week we will be -

Having the left over bolognese in wraps which got left out of last weeks meal plan....

Having a meal a Frankie & Benny's, McDonalads or TGI Fridays.....The kids can decide when we go shopping for new school coats at Newcastle....

Having fish and chips on the way back from Alnwick Garden.....I traded my nectar points in and got £30 worth of vouchers....So for a family ticket we're only paying £3! Bargain!!

Raiding the freezer.....I seem to have 3 bags of 20 sausages even after having sausage casserole yesterday.....Sausage sandwiches and/or Sausage, egg & chips...

Going for a meal to our local Brewers Fayre.....Ellie's faveourite place in the world....Yummy food, an outdoor play area and a soft play area too...Oh and Birthday cake!!

Maybe pizza?

A roast chicken dinner....Most probably on Sunday.

As always I've joined in with the wonderful Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky...


  1. oh, I love Alnwick Garden - I didn't know you could pay with Nectar vouchers - the only thing that usually puts me off is the expense! x

    1. They had a special offer on....£10 worth of Nectar points gave you £30. It is so expensive isn't it....That's what has put me off going in the past.

  2. Oh I love Brewer's Fayre! Sounds like a relaxed week, before going back to school x

  3. Fish and chips is always good, especially in the holidays!

  4. Sounds like a great week! It's difficult to believe they're back to school already - summer has gone so fast!