Tuesday 12 August 2014

Gluten free Goodies....

I was recently sent a box of Gluten Free treats.....I won them in a giveaway on twitter and the products I received were too good not to share...

The goodies were sent from a company called Freego who are a brand new business dedicated to bringing you the best allergen-friendly, healthy foods. 

From what I can see they sell a massive range of Gluten free foods....Everything from baking goods, chocolate, pasta, biscuits, cereal and even ready meals....

All the the products were made by the The Foods of Athenry who are a family run business who have 2 bakeries under the one roof...One baking products with wheat & spelt  - the other baking certified Gluten Free....All of the products produced contain no preservatives, additives or hydrogenated fats. Many products are available as dairy free/processed sugar and/or egg free options. They also have have a selection of products suitable for Vegans....

They even have a Christmas range including mince pies, puddings, cakes & mincemeat - are  available in both 'regular' & 'gluten free....What more could you ask for?

Up until now I have never tried Gluten free foods....I expected them bland, boring and not very tasty at all....How wrong was I.....Mostly everything I was sent was delicious and very tasty!! It was a pleasant surprise!!

Strawberry & Vanilla Granola.
Pure Oats toasted with vanilla and combined with zingy freeze dried strawberries for a delicious breakfast treat that smells divine

 Very Berry High Omega Granola
Buckwheat, Millet & Brown Rice flakes toasted with milled flax for a high omega boost, and combined with cinnamon, juice infused cranberries, blueberries & cherries, sultanas, almonds and seeds. Gently sweetened with honey. Made without refined sugar. A healthy way to start the day. 

Both £5.49 for 450g.

The Strawberry one smelled absolutely divine and tasted just as good & the Very Berry one was just as nice....I didn't think I would like it at all but it surprised me....Guess what I've been having for breakfast for the last few days!!

Multi-Seed with Cumin Crackers
Which are new to the range....

Cranberry & Hazelnut Crackers 
Twice baked, crunchy fruit and nut sodabread crackers. Nutty, fruity & fabulous. For dipping and snacking.

Both £3.25 for 110g

I wasn't so keen on the Cumin flavoured ones....They had a bit of a kick to them which was nice but I preferred the sweet Cranberry and Hazelnut ones....I'd never tried Sodabread before...It was strange but very nice.

Flapjacks 'The Works'

Pure oat butter baked flapjack with 'the works' mixed in – chocolate chips, sunflower seeds, cranberries, sultanas and coconut.

Oh wow! These were delicious....They were so moreish! I had a couple with a nice cup of tea which lead to 3 and maybe 4.....hehehe Who knew food good for you could be so nice....

£3.25 for 150g

Vanilla Choc Chip cookie. £1.49 each.
Simply a vanilla cookie with Belgian chocolate chips.

I never got a look in with this the kids had demolished it by the time I had got to it...They did say they loved it and wanted more.

Belgian Chocolate Biscuit Cake Bar. £1.75 each.
Belgian chocolate melted with butter and combined with our orangey biscuits for a delicious chocolate biscuit cake.  

Oh my! This was delicious....By far my favourite thing sent to me.....A bit to big to eat in one go as it is really rich but it just meant I got to enjoy it twice!!

Granola Bar. £1.75
High Energy pure oat based granola bar made with butter and containing dried fruits, chocolate chips, seeds and coconut.

This reminded me a lot of a flapjack which wasn't a bad thing....Very tasty!

Everything I tried was delicious....My whole perception of Gluten free foods has changed....There is Gluten free food out there which can be so tasty and with lots of flavour...


 I won a selection of Gluten free goodies in a giveaway over on twitter....This has however no way influenced my review...


  1. These look fab. We are always on the look out for Gluten Free goodies as my husband is gluten intolerant. Thanks for the review x

  2. Those look yummy. I've recently tried some gluten free muesli and couldn't believe how delicious it is.

    1. It is very surprising how tasty gluten free stuff is.

  3. It's something I've never looked at before but certainly will as these look great & so yummy :-)

  4. These look great. My MIL has to eat a gluten-free diet now so I will keep an eye out for these!

  5. Firstly well done on your giveaway win and secondly that all looks divine!!! #triedtested