Saturday 29 November 2014

Ellie's Frozen Wishlist....

Ellie my youngest like many other girls around the world loves the film Frozen....She's already written many lists to send to Santa and of course a lot of the things are Frozen related.....

are our top picks....She of course won't be getting everything mentioned as I haven't won the lottery just

Elsa Frozen Deluxe Costume Dress For Kids - £60 - The Disney Store
Frozen Make Up Bag - £9.99 - Smyths Toys
Olaf Summer Tea Set - £14.99 - ToyzPlus
Frozen Stamper Set - £3 - The Entertainer
Anna and Elsa Fleece - £7 - Tesco 
Backpack and Umbrella Set - £19.99 - Argos

Art Kit Tin - £15.00 - The Disney Store
Olaf Dining Set - £6.00 - Asda
Olaf Snow Cone Maker - £19.99 - Smyths Toys 
 Disney Frozen Magical Lights Castle Playset - £44.99 - Toys R Us
Loom Kit and Storage Case - £6.00 - The Entertainer
Elsa Styling Head - £14.99 - Smyths Toys 

Frozen 250 piece puzzle - £8.99 - Argos 
Frozen Pyjamas - £9.00 - Asda 
Disney Frozen Keyboard - £26.99 - Smyths Toys
Frozen Ice Skating Anna Doll - £28.99 - Toys R Us
Elsa and Olaf Duvet Set - £18.00 - Tesco 
T-Shirt and Tutu Set - £24.00 - The Disney Store 

Do you have a Frozen Fan in your house?


  1. My daughter is obsessed, she's only 3 and when I asked what she wanted she said Frozen. She has most of the dolls from the film so we've got her plenty of bits and pieces from the film x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    1. Yes my girls has just said Frozen too.....Frozen everything I think she's thinking! lol

  2. Smiley loves the film and especially the songs! I think she'd like the T-shirt and tutu combo... if they only made it in an adult size!

  3. There is so much Frozen love out there at the moment, I have bought Frozen gifts for two children I know this Christmas. I'm sure the dolls will be on LOADS of Christmas lists this year :)

    1. Everything you can think of has Frozen branded on to it.....So easy to buy Christmas presents though :D

  4. Such a 'cool' list girls are very easy to buy for this year!

  5. That little Tea Set is so adorable, I wish I had a little girl!

  6. That looks like a very familiar wish list!!! My 3yr olds presents are predominantly Frozen themed!!

  7. This list looks pretty familiar. Our 5 year old would have Frozen 'everything' given half the chance!