Thursday 20 November 2014

Tips for Christmas Shopping Online...

Many retailers offer you bigger and better deals when you shop online rather than in their stores.....Including free delivery, exclusive products and money off......You can browse a wider variety of products and search for suggestions instead of pacing the aisles.....

Online Auction Sites

Using an online auction site like eBay is a great way to find that one-of-a-kind gift at a low price....You bid what you are willing to spend and enjoy the excitement of winning an auction and getting the best deal possible....You can find items from all over the world to bid on and purchase items that you wouldn't find locally. Just make sure to order early if the item is coming from abroad....You can also become sellers to earn some extra cash for Christmas....

One-Stop Shop

If you create a shopping list chances are you will find almost everything you need at a one-stop shop site like Amazon....You can browse and purchase a wide variety of items from electronics to books, music, home products, toys, clothing, beauty products all in one place....You can take advantage of the online deals and even free delivery....

Know Your Shipping Deadlines.

There's nothing worse than realizing you've missed the deadline to ship Christmas gifts. Try to get those gifts ordered by December 10th to avoid paying extra charges...

Choose Gifts with No Delivery Charge

A thoughtful and personal gift that you won't need to deliver is a subscription or membership. Some examples are Netflix for the movie lover, newspapers and magazines for the reader and an iTunes account with credit for the music buff. There are even sites like that offer gift memberships for finding love or cleaning services are great for grandparents....

Sign Up for Newsletters

If you are a loyal customer of certain online retailers be sure to sign up for their newsletters....By adding yourself to the mailing list you will be alerted to take advantage of early deals and online discounts....

Use Discount Codes

Christmas can be about saving as well as giving. Discount codes are a great way to save money on your online purchases, get free shipping or free samples....Just enter the appropriate code during the checkout process. You can find a retailer's current codes by searching "voucher/discount codes" plus the name of the retailer. Some online shops may even allow you to enter more than one code for extra savings....

Stay Safe

Online shoppers can be at risk for identity theft, unless they know how to shop online safely. Follow these tips to protect your identity when shopping:

  • Never give out personal information in a pop-up window, which may not be related to the website you are visiting.
  • Don't make online credit card charges unless they are handled through a secure site or in an encrypted mode. You'll know it's secure if the page you are on has a URL beginning with https instead of http.
  • Always read the privacy policy of the website you are purchasing from to make sure your information stays private and won't be sold to third parties.
  • Make sure your computer's security software is up-to-date before shopping online.

Check out the company you are buying from.

Make sure the company has a geographical address, as well as one in cyberspace and a land line telephone number, and keep a record of these details – especially if the firm is based abroad. Do not assume that an internet company is based in Britain just because its web address has "UK" in it....

Keep a Paper Trail

When you purchase products online, be sure to print out records of your transactions....Save information such as the product description, price, online receipt, and copies of email exchanges....Be sure to read and understand the return policies of the retailer too....

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Great tips thanks. I very rarely do online shopping and I always try to use paypal wherever possible too x

  2. Great tips here, and I am definitely planning to become an eBay seller in the next few weeks to clear a few things out and make some money - both will help when it come to Christmas! We should definitely all try to be safer online too. Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown :-)

    1. eBay is fantastic! I need to use it more....Thank you for hosting x

  3. Some great tips thank you - need to get organised :-)

  4. Fab tips - I have to say I used to shop online ever Christmas but this year I have fallen out of love with the internet a little and I have preferred braving the shops!

  5. Great Tips thanks very much!