Tuesday 11 November 2014

Liliputians Hair accessories - Review!!

I had never heard of the brand Liliputians until recently.....They sell very cute children's hair accessories in all shapes, colours and sizes.....

Their mandate is: although accessories are small to any outfit, they can make & complete an outfit.
They named the brand Liliputians after the characters of the Lilliputians in Johnathan Swift’s story: Gullivar’s Travels. They wanted to use the analogy that although accessories are a small part of fashion it indeed makes a significant impact (rather like the Lilliputian characters who were small, but strong, brave and mighty.)

We were sent a few items to have a look at an try out.....Ellie claimed them.....She can be such a girly, girl when she's not dressing up as Spiderman and playing football....hehehe

Hyde Park - £5.00 


 Made from a plastic hairband base and decorated with grosgrain ribbon it comes in 6 variations or colours to choose from. The base of the legs have an added feature of enforced tips so that it doesn't hurt the sides of heads, while adding comfort to wear.

We really liked this band.....I probably wouldn't have picked this colour myself  but whoever chose it thank you! We really like it!.....It is something different from what we would usually go for......With grip teeth in the band it stayed in place well even in Becky's hair which is lot thicker then Ellie's.....It is well made and would be a very stylish addition to a little one's outfit....

MaryJane Hair Clips - £8.00

These 5cm candy red hair grips are very, very cute....I did think it would be a pair for £8 but it is just one.....They are very well made and seem very strong....I can see us getting a lot of use out of this as Ellie has a couple of red dresses which would go wonderfully with this hair clip...

Chelsea hairband - £9.00

This is a 1/2 cm Alice band with a smooth ribbon finish.....It is modest while being incredibly sweet. Perfect for everyday and still being able to add that dash of 'young lady' to any look!

This is so pretty....It's simplicity makes it special....It is handmade and the fact that it's pink is just a bonus....Ellie loves it.

Cotton Tails - £3.00

Liliputians LOVE some bunny, and that bunny has to be Mr. Cotton Tail! When you're feeling like your outfits need to hop and skip add a Cotton Tail to your pony tail or braids!

This is a simple hair bobble but with extra bunny ears which are so cute.....The band has good elastic in which means you can get it in tight so it doesn't slip off.....Ellie has wore this for school a few times and she said everyone was asking where she got it from.....Even her teacher asked....I of course told her.....hehehe

Liliputians also have Baby Bands....

Ahhh if only my girls were a few years younger....I don't remember anything around that was so nice especially when Becky was a baby 11 years ago....

They are absolutely adorable and only cost inbetween £6 and £8 each.

Any of these bands would make a lovey gift or really make a Christmas outfit very special....

Be sure to keep a look out on the Liliputians site....Soon they will be stocking winter hats!! Perfect for the weather we've been having lately.

I am able to offer you a discount code for 20% off your order which is available until the 30th of November!

 Just enter SNOW20 when you checkout!

We were sent a selection of products free of charge to try....This is my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own...


  1. How cute are the cottontails?!
    My girls hair is too short still for accessories but can't wait til I can start!

  2. I love the cotton tails! So cute. What a shame that my girls are all too old for cute hair accessories!!

  3. I want some!! Even with short hair, I love a good hair accessory x

  4. I love the cotton tails as well! I should get some whilst my twins are young enough for me to put cute hair accessories in!

  5. These look lovely - some great photos

  6. Such pretty hairbands and hair accessories. I wish my daughter would wear these kinds of things. They last 5 minutes and she's back to her wild hair.

  7. They're really cute! Cool but classic, very nice!

  8. Oh these are so pretty - am definitely going to have to check some of these out. Love the cotton tails - very cute :-)

  9. It looks like they have some lovely bits. I am loving making my daughter's hair pretty now it is long enough - I'm making the most of it before she refuses to let me near it (she is a real tomboy!)

  10. These are so adorable, makes me want to have a girl to dress up!

  11. These look so adorable! I don't have a little girl to dress up and things like this make me wish I did! :)