Friday 21 November 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I have known for ages what this weeks Word of the Week is going to be.....

The week started on Sunday with my blogs 2nd birthday.... Thank you for all your kind messages....It really doesn't seem like I've been blogging for two years! Time really does fly when you're having fun!

And today it's my birthday!! Hooray!! 

Stu and the girls have spent the week preparing.....There has been sneaky shopping trips and deliveries which I haven't been allowed to open.....There was one from Superdrug so I'm hoping all my hinting has worked and my fella has got me some of the Zoella Range.....Wednesday night I got banned from going upstairs as they were wrapping my presents.....I really am so lucky!! 

I'm writing this Thursday evening so I haven't a clue what they have planned for me....I hate not knowing! lol

It would make more sense for me to write this post today after I've opened my presents but I know I won't have time.....I will be having coffee with friends like I do every Friday morning and then Stu and I are going out for a meal for lunch....Then it will be time to get the girls from school and I am having an Indians for tea....Usually when we get a takeaway we never get Indians because my fella and the kids always prefer Pizza or Chinese....It's my birthday so it's my choice.....hehehe

35 today and I am betting when I go into Asda to get a bottle of something I will still get asked for I.D....hehehe

The Reading Residence


  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy opening your presents ;) #wotw Dean of Little Steps

  2. Happy Birthday :) I've got one coming up next week but my family are rubbish and I'm not expecting anything. A take out of my choice sounds good though, I never get to choose ;)

  3. Happy Birthday lovely :-) I hope you are having a fantastic day xx #WotW

  4. Happy birthday, I'm sure you have lots of wonderful surprises in store!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you're having a fabulous day and are thoroughly spoilt :-) Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thank you! It has been fabulous! I don't want it to end x

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you are having a lovely day :) x

  7. Happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day xx

  8. Happy birthday! Found you on the weekend blog hop with My Life as a Mummy. Following, G+ing etc!

  9. Ah a lovely word for the week! A huge happy birthday to you and to your blog! x

  10. I am so jealous. The only thing that I got from my birthday is a pin! Haha. So you are lucky indeed that your husband is making this much effort to make this day this special. Happy birthday =) #wotw