Saturday 21 February 2015

Project 365 - Week 8

We should have had big plans for this last week with it being half-term but I think we all needed a relaxed, lazy week and that's what we had.

45/365. 14th February 2015 

Valentines Day.....I had a very happy girl who went for a romantic meal with her boyfriend (they're She came home proud as punch with her first Valentines day card and present. Aww! 

46/365. 15th February 2015

Sunday was a lazy day.....The kids played. Mostly with the Marble run set.....So loud but a lot of fun!

48/365. 16th February 2015

A hamper I won over on Twitter arrived.....I love it....There were so many tasty treats....Thinking about it now I should have used the chocolate sauce on our pancakes....

49/365. 17th February 2015

Pancake Day.....The girls had homemade one's for breakfast and ready made one's for tea.....Then the rest of them for lunch on We love pancakes here!

50/365. 18th February 2015

Becky said she didn't have homework this week.....On Wednesday I made her check! She had loads of online tests to do.....Most of her afternoon was spent doing them. Unlucky!

 51/365. 20th February 2015

Ellie was making masks!

52/365. 21st February 2015

Spring is coming.....I rarely buy flowers but these were being sold for 10 pence a bunch....I couldn't resist. They have added a lovely bit of colour to our house....


  1. Lovley photos - we didn't get to do pancake day here, we were travelling back from Bristol. My #365 post will be late too! Have a great weekend x

  2. Looks like you had a great half term week =)
    That hamper looks great!

  3. Happy to hear that half-term was fabulous. Sometimes it's good to have a break from all the usual chaos - hope you're feeling refreshed and raring to go x

  4. Well done on winning the hamper! Looks like you've had a nice chilled half term, sometimes you really need just that don't you.

  5. Wow what a hamper to win! I somehow completely forgot about pancake day on the day so have made up for it with lots of pancakes since - including breakfast today. And how fab to have bright cheerful daffodils and only for 10p!!

  6. I Love fresh flowers in the house :) they always brighten the place up,
    Well done on your win!, you need to send some comping luck my way lol.
    Lovely pics x

  7. Love the flowers! Daffodils are such a reminder that Spring is on it's way! Glad you had a lazy week, sounds perfect! #365

  8. That marble race set up is impressive! Ours always falls apart! x

  9. Oh my word your hamper!! I seriously dream about winning things like that, amazing! Love that your little girl got a valentines card and pressie too, and he took her out for dinner. What a lovely lad, lucky girl ;) I hope you've had a lovely weekend.x

  10. What a shame Becky had school work during half term. I had no idea that they had online testing nowadays.. #outoftouch

  11. Wow - that hamper looks lovely. That's a lot of homework. Ours got none! I had planned a lazy half term too but it didnt work out that way.

  12. 10p a bunch??? must have cost more than that to grow and transport, but a great bargain and they look lovely.
    Well done on the win, its great when its a prize you enjoy using.
    Dont feel homework should be allowed, they spend enough time in school.
    How lovely for her going out for a meal and getting her first card and present, I am sure there will be many more.

  13. well done on the hamper win and what a bargain with the flowers!!!
    And awwww bless your daughter and her boyfriend enjoying a valentines dinner how sweet x

  14. Great photo's of the week, unlucky about the homework mishap!

  15. What a fantastic marble run, Ethan would love that. I can't believe your little girl is going on a valentines date, very sweet though. Online homework tests, how the world has changed. (Sorry for my late comment, playing catch up) x