Thursday 12 February 2015

Things We All Did In Primary School.....

Miming the songs in assembly instead of actually singing because you lived the thug life and cared for nobody.....

Absolutely whacking the person you hated on the head during a heated game of Duck Duck Goose....

Using your pencil case to cover your answers in your spelling test because all of your classmates were cheats.

Sitting on the benches in assembly in Year 6 looking down at all the younger pupils and thinking 'started from Reception now we're here'....

Singing "He's got the whole world in his PANTS" in assembly because you were a comical genius who couldn't be controlled.

Being sent to 'the wall' at playtime and having to watch all of your friends play whilst you stood and lost all of your dignity....

Unsticking yourself when nobody was looking whilst playing Stuck In The Mud because you were too sassy and lived life in the fast lane....

Watching Art Attack after school and thinking that anything was possible as long as you had some PVA glue.

Being chosen to be 'the murderer' in a tense game of Wink Murder and feeling like a mastermind criminal with no limits to your power.

Rolling down your big school socks into doughnuts around your ankles because you were the ultimate trendsetter....

Getting chosen to give out the whiteboards and giving the person that you hated the dirtiest one with a pen that didn't work.

"I'll be the mum, you can be the dad" What can I be? "You're the dog"

When the teacher asked you to get into a space in PE and you swung your arms around, hitting as many kids as possible, to show your space.

Accidentally singing an extra 'of kings' at the end of 'Sing Hosanna' and feeling like you'd let your family, school and country down.

Being asked to take a note to another teacher and feeling like you had just been honoured with the task of taking the ring to Mordor.

Spreading glue all over your hands, waiting for it to dry, and peeling it off because you were a reckless six year old.

Listening to the teacher tell you the story about the kid who swung too far back on his chair and died.

Coming back to school after being on holiday with a hair braid and feeling way too bootylicious for the untraveled pupils in your class.

"Miss, I've broken my arm!" Just put a wet paper towel on it

Being at the front of the line to walk to assembly and feeling like royalty leading your peasant subjects to war.

Absolutely pooing yourself with excitement if the coach drove past your house when you were going on a school trip.

You'd never felt pain until you got whipped with a skipping rope when running too close to an oblivious skipper.


  1. I'm chuckling at the memories - I esp like the rolling the socks down so they look like donuts - I'm not sure why I thought that was pretty at the time!

  2. Lol yes I remember quite a few of these. Ah the fun of covering your hands with glue and peeling it off and the shame of being sent to 'the wall'! :-)

  3. hahahaha these made me laugh! the 'put a wet towel on it' still exists in my son's school! #WeekendBlogHop

  4. So true and so funny. Now I feel old!