Wednesday 4 February 2015

Valentine Gifts For Him....

I think men have it easy when it comes to Valentines Day Gifts....Well it's easy for my fella....Chocolates, flowers and a card and I'm happy....I'm so easily pleased. I always find it harder to find something for Stu....I don't think he would appreciate flowers....So I have been browsing online and these are some of the favourite things I have come up with!
The Distinguished Gentleman Bomb Cosmetics Gift Pack - Find Me A Gift - £11.99

31 Days of Kisses - Buy a Gift - £17.99
The Man Mug - IWOOT - £8.99
Personalised Message in a Bottle - Gone Digging - £15.99

Jagermeister And Shot Glass Tin - Tesco - £4.95 
Willy Care Kit - Boys Stuff - £9.95
Chocolate game controller - Chocolate Trading Co - £4.95

Fart Extinguisher - The Present Finder - £4.99
Personalised In Love with Wooden Heart Decoration - Personalised Gift Shop - £9.99
Comic Photo Frame - IWOOT - £6.99 

What will you be buying the man or woman in your life?


  1. Willy Care Kit? Who knew that was even a thing?! x

  2. These look like all the gifts you could buy from Toxic Fox. Such jokey, fun gifts. Love it haha xx
    Kate | A British Sparkle

  3. Must leave this in sight of Mrs Funkydaddy... Lol..

  4. Oh I love the chocolate controller!!! I'm going to bookmark this post- great ideas!!

  5. There's a Willy Care Kit. My life is now complete.