Saturday 19 March 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 11

This last week has had it's up's and down's....We had a few lovely days of sunshine, Ellie stopped eating properly and then started again. I am so glad it's the weekend.

72/366 12th March.
As I was recovering from the flu on Mothers Day I never got to have my bottle of Asti so I had it on Saturday evening.

73/366 13th March.
I had washing on the line....It was such a lovely day on Sunday.

74/366 14th March.
Making tea. 

75/366 15th March.
I have discovered Snapchat. I don't really use it. I just like to play with the special effects....I like this look on me. It hides my double chin. lol

76/366 16th March.
We went into school and had a chat about Ellie not eating. They are keeping a food diary for her at school so I know what she's eating.

77/366 17th March.
I made Ellie a packed lunch tea. She ate most of it. Phew!

78/366 18th March.
Straight in from school and on to Minecraft for Becky.


  1. Washing on the line is a happy sight! It must have been a worry Ellie not eating. I haven't tried Snapchat - I fear it could become another addiction!

    1. Thank you! Having washing on the line makes me feel so good....
      She is eating so well now...It is such a relief.

  2. Yeah I an not wait to stop using the dryer it is costing a fortune :) Love the snapchat picture, I have it bt never really looked at the features. *runs off to have a go* :)

    1. I have managed not to use the dryer all winter...It's on the waiting list to be fixed.
      Thank you!