Thursday 17 March 2016

Foodie Treats for Easter....

I am not religious so for me Easter is all about having a few relaxing days and eating far too many Easter eggs....This is the time of year where I forget the diet and healthy eating. There is just too many delicious treats and lots of yummy food around.... 

4 Brownie Scotch Cream Eggs 
£22.95 - Brownie Heaven. 
A Cadbury's Creme Egg surrounded by baked dark chocolate brownie and then dusted in biscuit crumbs.  There is equivalent to 2 brownies in each egg, plus a cream egg, a couple of biscuits and good coating of milk chocolate.

Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich.
£10.00 - Hotel Chocolat
Everyone loves Easter eggs, and everyone loves egg sandwiches. So Hotel Chocolat put the two together and made an Easter egg sandwich!

Chico the Chick Cake.
£5.00 - Asda
Madeira sponge layered with vanilla flavour frosting and plum and raspberry jam, covered with yellow icing and edible decorations.

Large Hot Cross Bun.
£5.75 - Bettys
Bettys loaf-size version of a Hot Cross Bun, made with Yorkshire milled flour. Delicious served toasted and buttered.

Thorntons Statement Easter Egg.
£15.00 - Thorntons
The Statement Egg  combines 12 of your favourite Thorntons Classics and Thorntons Continental chocolates to create a unique box of chocolates. 

Melt And Make White Chocolate Egg Heads Kit.
£10.00 - John Lewis.
Create your own Easter egg with this fun kit. The Melt and Make Egg Heads kit is fun and simple to use, and includes everything you need to get started on making your perfect egg.

Easter Egg Gift.
£20.00 - M&S
An egg-cellent gift for all the family. A beautiful keepsake egg gift box filled to the brim with milk chocolate eggs.

Easter Treats Hamper.
£39.99 - Serenata Flowers
A lovely hamper with lots of yummy treats including eggs, chocolate bars, fudge & champagne and strawberry truffles.

Chocolate Easter Nest Cake.
From £22.00 - Marks and Spencer
Chocolate cake filled with chocolate butter cream and hand decorated with chocolate curls and mini Easter eggs.

Does anything take your fancy?
I want about 10 of everything....hehehe I do love Easter!


  1. Oh my days! Chocolate Easter Nest Cake,,,,In my belly! lol :)
    Lovely selection of treats x

  2. They all look good. I'm ashamed to admit I've already had to replace one egg that'd been bought for my boys. It may well not be the last.

    1. We've been eating Easter eggs since January. lol
      I may have pinched a couple of halves of my girls eggs. They've never noticed. Phew!

  3. These look cool. I love the egg sandwich :)

  4. Oh my gosh I want everything! I so wish I was not on a diet haha xx

    1. hehehe! It is so hard to be on a diet this time of year!

  5. The sandwich sounds so good, I love caramel x