Wednesday 16 March 2016

Nescafe Azera coffee to go - Review!

I was recently sent some Nescafe Azera Coffee To Go to try...A few years ago I tried the normal Nescafe Azera and I really enjoyed it so I was interested to see what this was like....

There really is no treat quite like a delicious cup of coffee. Especially when it’s a barista prepared one from your favourite coffee shops. Well, now you can be your own barista with Nescafe Azera Coffee to Go! Not only is it instant coffee that delivers an intensely rich and aromatic flavour just like real barista coffee, it also comes in a handy pre-filled cup (complete with non-spill lid), so you can beat the coffee shop queues and enjoy it on the go.

In each box you get 4 pre-filled americano cups and 4 non-spill lids. In the pre-filled cups you peel the foil back to reveal the coffee, add water, add the lid and drink....

This coffee is amazing....It has such a great flavour to it and does get you going on a morning....I think its the closest thing you will get to barista style coffee from the local coffee chains....

If you have coffee on the go these are great. At the moment at Tesco they cost £3.99 for 4 cups which is a lot less than you would pay at fancy coffee shops....

The cups are made from great quality carboard and are tough enough to keep their shape when hot water is added. It's such a shame you can't wash them to use again....I tried!

Stu has already asked for me to add some to the next shopping order so he can take them to work....It will be a great way to save a little bit of money.

We were sent these free of charge from BzzAgent. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. What a great idea for taking to work or on picnics even, you could take a flask of hot water. My other half is a great fan of Americano Coffee, while I'm more of a tea drinker.

    1. I never thought of filling a flask! You clever lady :D x

  2. Oh I love Azero coffee so think I would definitely like these - handy for a picnic if you just take a flask of water x

    1. It is such lovely coffee isn't it!
      Thank you!