Saturday 14 May 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 19

Another week done....We've had some lovely weather up here in the North East. Lets just forget about yesterday though....It was a bit gloomy! Hopefully the sunshine is back now....

Here are my photos from this week. One for everyday.

128/366 7th May.
Don't play with the Hula hoops in the house I say....Do they listen?! Nope!

129/366 8th May.
Doing a bit of gardening.

130/366 9th May.
I wouldn't fill the big paddling pool so Ellie filled the little one

131/366 10th May.
Ellie is loving learning about the Romans at school. She made a shield and sword on Tuesday.

132/366 11th May.
Ellie has been poorly....I think a bit of heat stroke and now she's came down with a cold. She has spent most of the last couple of days on the sofa playing on her tablet when she could be bothered or sleeping.

133/366 12th May.
My fella got himself a new computer chair. He was in desperate need of one and now I want one....It is so comfy.

134/366 13th May.
Ellie perked up a little yesterday afternoon....Enough to eat some Dairylea Lunchables. It's the most she's eaten in a few days. I hope it is the start of her getting better.


  1. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Hula Hoops! Those were the days :) #366

    1. She is. Thank you!
      I know. A bit retro but still lots of fun.

  2. I hope Ellie feels better soon. That chair does look very comfortable.

    1. She is all better. Thank you!
      It is so comfy. I want it. hehehe

  3. Sorry to hear that Ellie has been poorly but pleased to hear she is picking up. Hope you have a great week x