Tuesday 3 May 2016

Wooden Toolbox Desk Tidy Kits from Baker Ross...

In the bumper box of goodies we received from Baker Ross we received a couple of things to make for Fathers Day including a pack of Wooden Toolbox Desk Tidy Kits....We however decided to totally ignore they were for fathers day and the girls made them for themselves and one for me. How kind! We will make something for Stu at a later date...

The toolbox size is 15cm x 12cm x 7.4cm and is made from plywood....There is an instruction sheet included but we never used it....It is pretty straight forward to put together.

No glue is needed to put these together as everything just slots into place....Looking back now I think it would have been easier to decorate them before they were put together...Ellie had the right idea and took the handle back off to colour....

The girls decided to use felt pens and sticky gems to decorate their tool boxes....

They had great fun making these and now they have them in their bedrooms storing lots of different random things like hair bobbles, make up, little toys and who knows what else...They are very handy to store random things children collect.

I do love the one the girls made for me....I have it on the table next to me with random bits and bobs in too....

Even though these look like they are aimed at boys and for men they don't have to be if you bling them up a little....

They are £3.60 for a pack containing three toolboxes. I think it's a great price for the fact they do get used afterwards.

We were sent these kits free of charge from Baker Ross in exchange for our review.


  1. What a great price for a fantastic set

  2. I love this idea! Again, not for the hubby, but for my bedroom. I've been looking for something to put all my hair stuff in, these would be perfect, especially as I can decorate them to match my bedroom x

    1. They are a great idea. Perfect for little bits and bobs x

  3. I love those, they would be fab for nail polish storage x

  4. Oh my, these sales are be massive soon. They really are the perfect hair brush or toiletries holder!!

  5. They look brill! And great that you can use them afterwards.
    I love Baker Ross prices too! Very reasonable :) x