Friday 27 May 2016

All the emotions #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We've had all the emotions here this week.

Over the weekend Ellie and Stu spent most of their time making a model of Hadrian's wall and the fort.....We were so happy with it. Ellie was so excited to take it to school....

They were going to be judged and 3 winners. 1st, 2nd and 3rd....As soon as I found this out I said to Stu that I don't even have to see the other projects to pick the winners I guessed it would be the popular kids....

I'm not doing the whole bitter, sore loser thing but it's a fact that in Ellie's class there is favourites. It's always the same 4 or 5 children picked for everything.

Ellie came out of school quite sad and said "him, her and her won obviously!"....She said "what's the point in trying when they win everything, every time!". I can see where she's coming from but I told her she has to keep trying....I was so proud of her effort....She's a winner in my eyes! 

We have had dealings with our landlord which really made us happy....We asked for a new tenancy agreement at the beginning of this month and we finally got it this week! We thought it would just be for a year but it's for two and the rent stays the same!! Hooray!! We also asked if we could paint the awful tiles in the bathroom....She said "Paint whatever you like it's your home" which I thought was so lovely! We were always under the impression that we were to keep everything white.....That is not the case. We're allowed to add a bit of colour! I am so pleased!

There isn't much news about Becky....She has been in a great mood this week....I think it's because I have been letting her to stay up and watch the Britain's got talent semi finals....hehehe She's been going to bed at 9pm and I've been telling her the results in the morning.

The excitement is building for the half term school holidays....We have some great plans for next week! I had a lovely delivery of goodies for the Take Back the Kitchen campaign with Wren Kitchens....We're going to be doing a bit of cooking as well as having family visit and a day out at the Life Centre in Newcastle

Today we are also going to Newcastle for Ellie's hearing test....As I've mentioned before she is deaf in one ear so the hearing tests are just to keep an eye on her good ear. I always worry about these appointments even though deep down I know her good ear is fine....

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  1. I felt so sad for Ellie reading about the popular kids always winning - I have to say that I think her Hadrian's Wall fort is absolutely amazing and she's a winner in my eyes too. Good news on your new tenancy agreement and being able to do some painting and glad that Becky has enjoyed being able to stay up and watch Britain's Got Talent - that must have felt like a treat! Hope you all have a wonderful half-term and good luck for Ellie's hearing appointment x

  2. Ellie's Hadrian's Wall is brilliant and so deserved to win, I'm so sorry the school thought otherwise. Enjoy the school holiday :) x

  3. This is wee bit the same in my sons school. The kids who are always the star of the play, the certificate winner. It can be frustrating and yet I cant really vent it out because I wouldnt want my son to be picked on as school is tricky for him already as it is being the smallest. I am just so happy of the fact that we can have a week off now!

    And that wall is amazing. Tell her that I said that. I can see the hard work just by looking at it.


  4. The wall is fantastic and I hope she's really proud of herself for putting in so much effort.
    I've been letting my girls stay up to watch BGT as well, they thought it was brilliant the first couple of nights but now they're saying they can't wait till it's over because they're missing having bedtime stories!

  5. Good luck for the hearing test! Fab news about the rent and house. Be good to do a bit of panting. Such a shame about favouritism at school - so sad for the others. That wall is wicked! Bless. Xx #wotw

  6. That project looks absolutely brilliant! Such a shame it's always the same kids that win everything. Fortunately in Boo's class it always seems to be different kids doing well and winning stuff, something I'd not really appreciated until now. Great news on the tenancy, too, get painting! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. How terrible that the same kids win all the time at school. Surely as an adult you would try to be fair, especially if it is so obvious! Good news with the rent, always helps to know where you stand with these things. Out Little E had a hearing test this week too, we have to go back as she put up a bit of a fight! #WotW

  8. That looks fab! I think Ellie should be really proud! I think it's awful when favouritism is so obvious even the kids notice - it's must be so hard. I hope the hearing test went well

  9. Awww it looks great and really sad to hear about the favouritism that really does suck! I hope you have a great week off sounds like so much fun stuff planned. I am merely going to Ikea hahahahaha X #wotw

  10. It's always hard when your children put in so much hard work into a project for the efforts not to be seen to be rewarded. I was really impressed by her Hadrian's wall and even more impressed that she did it herself.
    Great that you can now get your paint brush out, you must be really pleased with the decision on the tenancy agreement.
    Becky staying up late reminds me that we have the same excitement in our house when Mademoiselle is allowed to stay up late and watch BGT or Strictly - she loves it!

    I hope the hearing test goes well xx

  11. It's not fair when the same kids win every time, must be so disheartening for Ellie but her model of Hadrian's wall is brilliant. Sounds like you've got a busy half term planned hope it's lots of fun. #WotW

  12. Hi Kim, it has been a bit of a roller coaster of a week, emotionally, for you. Ellie did herself proud and it would have been nice for her to have had her hard work acknowledged at least Mum was there with a proud word!

    Excellent about our landlord. We rent too and are lucky enough to have a decent landlord too.

    Fingers crossed that Ellie's good ear is okay and hope the weather stays good for you for half term.


  13. It’s such a shame that favouritism exists. I think your daughter’s work is delightful. Hope that Ellie’s good ear remains fine. #WotW