Wednesday 21 December 2016

Christmas eve treats and Pj's.....

I bought everything for Christmas eve weeks ago. A new mug each for the girls to have hot chocolate in, some bath things so they can have their Christmas Eve pamper session, a DVD each, a book each and some chocolates......Then the idiot that I am went and wrapped everything with the rest of their presents....Doh! I couldn't bare to get everything back out and guess which presents are which so I had to go shopping for some more Christmas eve

The rule is that everyone in this house has to get new pyjama's at Christmas....I had a look on Asda's website and there wasn't much choice....I hoped there was more in the actual store.....There was! Phew!

Ellie has the Unicorn onesie....It was the last one that we could see and it was in her size! Becky and I have matching Coca cold pj's. I love that my teen is growing....hehehe She seems to have been at that awkward stage forever. Too big for kids clothes and too small to shop in the ladies section....Now she is fitting into some size 6/8 clothes. Stu even got himself some Pj's.....Star Wars of course.

Ellie and I also chose some new slippers.....She of course has unicorn ones and I have the red sparkly ones....Becky didn't want any! Eesh! I would never pass up the chance of new but she only got her poo emoji one's a few months ago.....

I got a few things for their Christmas bath.....You have to be clean for Santa coming.....hehehe There wasn't much left to choose from until we got through the till then there were loads of different sets at the other side of the shop. Hmmf! 

Shopping for the chocolates and treats took the longest....There was so much to choose from. Even I got a couple of things for myself. Gingerbread fudge!! I didn't even know that existed and some chocolates with liquid cocktail fillings.....The kids got Kinder things and The Snowman and The Snowman white chocolate figures....

So hopefully this is the last bit of shopping I have to do for Christmas.....Well the last bit I have to go out for. My groceries are being delivered on Friday and fingers crossed Tesco deliver everything! 

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  1. I'm loving the pyjamas selection, Roo has been asking for a new onesie and the unicorn looks perfect