Tuesday 27 December 2016

My top blog posts of 2016.....

Last year I did a recap of my top blog posts in 2015.....This year I am doing the same and sharing my top blog posts from this past year....

I haven't included giveaways as they are always popular, Project 366 posts, My Sunday Photo posts or reviews. I have another blog post coming about the favourite things we have reviewed this year....

I wrote about Ellie and how She stopped eating at home after a healthy eating topic at school.  It prompted me to write about how much stressing we have done over her and all the medical conditions she's had....

Stu got busy and did a bit of DIY. He bought a cabinet from a charity shop, painted it and it now looks fab!

I wrote about Becky's 14th birthday....How! How do they grow up so quickly!

I took part in Blogtober....I usually blog everyday but I went a month writing posts with various themes/prompts throughout October...It was a lot of fun! Sharing some little secrets was probably my favourite of the month.....I'm glad people could relate to my secrets and it left me feeling a little less embarrassed about them....hehehe

We had a fun day out having genetic testing.....We were sent because of my girls heart problems. We found out a few things but nothing major....It was interesting.

The girls had a great time cooking this meal and an even better time eating it....I actually forgot all about this recipe. I think it will have to be on the meal plan in the new year.

It was 7 years ago this year since we made the journey to hospital for both of my girls to have life saving heart surgery.

Becky forged a note to get out of PE....I couldn't not link up with Brummy Mummy and her Wicked Wednesday linky. I am still gutted that the linky is no more.....

Ellie had a craft project to do as part of her homework....This was about it....She was very proud and I was too!

Ellie had the best birthday this year.....She loved her wooden kitchen and her beach bbq party. It was such a good day!

We have 3 parks near where we live....We ended up visiting two of them in one afternoon....It was such a lovely day.

My girl came up with such a thoughtful idea for Mothers day...She made and decorated a cake for me. It was so lovely and tasted so good too.

In September I saw a few blog posts about parents who's children had recently started school and were worrying about the school run and making friends in the playground with other parents....I thought I would write a post to say stop worrying and included some tips about surviving the school run!

I do love a tag and I really enjoyed doing this one....It gives a bit of an insight into how I blog.

The weather wasn't the best but we had a fantastic day out seeing the Tall ships at Blyth in the summer....There was so much to see and do.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate all the comments and support. All the best for 2017!


  1. What a cute idea for a post! Also, I really want egg fried rice now... XD
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I love looking back on what posts were popular for the previous year. Such a great selection here, I wish we had of went to see the Tall Ships xx