Wednesday 28 December 2016

What have you searched for on Google?

I use Google a lot.....It has all the answers. hehehe I always take an interest at this time of year to see what the most searched for terms throughout the year are....

In the UK the most searched for terms were:

1. Euro 2016
2. Pokemon Go
3. David Bowie
4. Donald Trump
5. Prince
6. EU referendum/Brexit
7. Alan Rickman
8. Olympics
9. US election
10. Deadpool

I think I searched for all of those things apart from I still haven't seen that film. I just said to my fella that I don't get why it's in the Top 10. He went off on a rant telling me why it's so popular. lol Oops. 

I became such a sport lover over the I had a website favourited at one point telling me who was playing who and when the Euro 2016 tournament was on.....I am not usually a football fan but I got right into it this year! I really wanted Iceland to go all the way! Hooray for the underdogs. Then the Olympics! I watched most of the Equestrian events and the gymnastics.....It was so good. 

I never really got into Pokemon go but I did Google it....It's no fun when you use a Pay as you go mobile like me. It was either spend a small fortune on data or stay where there was Wi-Fi access. Hmmf.

The celebrity deaths this year have been unbelievable especially since the likes of David Bowie, Prince & Alan Rickman were not that old....I was not a real fan of them it was more the deaths of Caroline Aherne, Terry Wogan & Victoria Wood which got to me....

***Since I wrote this last week there has been more losses! Status Quo's Rick Parfitt, Liz smith who played Nana on the Royle Family & the amazing George Michael! If this list had been written today I am sure he would have made it into the top 10 searched things*** 

I still can't believe that Donald Trump won the U.S election or the results of the referendum.....They were things that I never thought would happen but they did. I remember laughing about it when I heard Donald Trump was in the running to be president. It was funny at first. It was never supposed to happen..... Eek! 

This year really has been crazy! 

I really thought Tim Peake would have made it into the top 10.....He's had quite a year and I Googled him quite a bit, James Corden too. He seems to have been everywhere! 

I think my most Googled thing this year has been "The Walking Dead spoilers". hehehe


  1. I wonder how many times I google something - I reckon 10-20 times per day! YIKES!

  2. I think I searched most those things! I love that Alan Rickman is in there!

    Corinne x

  3. Google is my life mentor!! It's unreal to think how many famous people have actually died this year. Crazy.