Friday 30 December 2016

We had a perfect Christmas. #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:

We had the best Christmas and the best week too.....
Our Christmas all went to plan! It was so relaxed because I was so organised....The only disaster we had was burning a pan when I was boiling the turnip. It burned dry. Oops. The turnip was saved though....Hooray!

I got to spend Christmas eve doing nothing much....Tesco delivered everything. We had such a lazy day, Domino's for tea and the kids went to bed just after 9pm and actually went straight to sleep! Stu and I played at being Santa and wrapping everything in advance worked well...It was so easy.

The kids woke up at about 7am and brought their stockings into our room....It gave Stu and I chance to wake up properly! By 9am all the presents had been opened and the girls were so impressed with everything.....There was a lot of screaming and squealing...Becky loved her foot spa....So much for it being a joke present. lol

The girls played with their presents all day of course.....I made dinner and joined in when I could.....We managed to eat dinner just as Frozen was starting and we all enjoyed it.....We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and the kids playing with their toys.....Boxing day was spent playing more and eating far too much....It was fantastic! 

Virtual Reality Headsets are amazing. lol Becky keeps finding scary videos just to freak me out....The candy grabber is so much fun....I am quite tempted to put all the girls sweets in there and they can only get them if they win. hehehe Mini Drones are crazy! There has been a lot of shouting "duck". lol Hatchimals are fantastic when they have hatched!....When they are in their shell they are frustrating....Instructions will be lost and Google will be a lifesaver.....Two days after Christmas we started to crave healthy food....It is impossible to tidy up when the kids toys are everywhere....We have lived in our pj's....Watched so many films and had a lovely relaxed week!

So that was Christmas.....Months preparing and all over in a flash....We had the best time and I would go as far to say it was perfect....


  1. Love the footspa excitement! So pleased you've all had a perfect Christmas, lovely seeing the girls' excitement. It does go by in a flash, doesn't it?! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Christmas is best when it's spent like that, relaxing and enjoying every minute instead of rushing round like a headless chicken. The girls look like they loved everything, the foot spa made me laugh most people would roll their eyes getting one of those for Christmas. Happy new year to you all I hope 2017 brings you lots more to smile about xx #WotW

  3. awww sounds amazing and glad you had a relaxed time. Them virtual headsets sound amazing. Happy New Year X #wotw

  4. Great to read that it went really well. #WotW

  5. Beautiful pictures x Looks like you all had an amazing Christmas x

  6. Oh what a wonderful time you have all had. Just shows, being organzed is the key. Hope you all have a wonderful 2017. #wotw

  7. A wonderful word for your Christmas week - so glad you had a perfect Christmas and love all the photos. Those matching PJs are fab! :-) #WotW

  8. Looks a great Christmas and your word is perfect for it. Love the PJs - happy 2017! x