Tuesday 11 July 2017

10 Gifts for teachers. All under £10.

It's that time of the year again....It's coming to the end of the term and I have forgotten to buy any gifts for my girls teacher.....I only buy Ellie's teacher a gift. Becky is in secondary school and she has so many teachers. I am not buying one for each one. lol

This year I have Ellie's class teacher to buy for as usual and I also want to get our head teacher something as she is retiring at the end of the school year....

I have came up with a list of ideas for us who have left things a little too late....Things that are available in our high street shops.

This Teacher Runs on Caffeine” Gift Mug & Spoon - £3.99 - The Card Factory.
Superstar teacher pouch - £8.50 - Paperchase.
Don't Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Coaster - £1.50 - Clinton Cards
Lily-Flame Thank You! Scented Candle Tin - £9.00 - John Lewis
Best Teacher Ever” Black or White Notebook & Pen - £1.49 - Card Factory
Everything Pocket Selection - £8.00 - Hotel Chocolat

English Tea Shop Luxury Gift Tray - £7.50 - Debenhams
Hand & Nail Collection Set - £3.50 - M&S
Thank You Teacher Weekly Desk Planner - £5.00 - Clinton Cards
Superstar teacher mug - £8.00 - Paperchase

Do you have teachers to buy for this year? What are you getting them?


  1. Oh I love these ideas, I have no idea what I'm getting any teachers yet so this is incredibly helpful x

  2. I always buy our teachers books as nobody else does! They really appreciate it and I love sharing my favourite books with people. I do like the 'Don't make me use my teacher voice' coaster. My friends who are teachers always joke about their 'teacher voice'!

  3. I never know what to buy for our teachers so we usually opt for wine & flowers which has so far gone down well. But it would be nice to be a bit more creative!

  4. As a teacher I think that one of the nicest presents you can give is a copy of your child's favourite book for me to read to my class. It's an especially special present if it's signed by the child, a way for me to remember them :o)