Saturday 15 July 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 28 #Project365

This past week has been a rubbish one....Ellie's teacher thinks she has ADHD, I've been waiting for a phone call from Becky's school since Wednesday about her GCSE options and I've been full of cold which has made me feel pretty grumpy about everything. 

I have still managed a photo every day. Hooray!

182/365 - 8th July
My teen with

183/365 - 9th July
Playing with water keeps her happy.

184/365 - 10th July
Reading up about ADHD....Ellie does show signs of it.

185/365 - 11th July
Cough medicine for me....Ugh!

186/365 - 12th July
Becky's bag broke....It's a good job we had a spare she could use for the last couple of weeks of school....She spent abou half an hour getting rid of all the junk. 

187/365 - 13th July
Sitting waiting for Ellie to come out of her detention....She got one for forgetting her homework. I forgot to put it into her bag but the teacher is trying to teach the kids about responsibility....

188/365 - 14th July
I saw someone mention these Bailey's iced coffee latte drinks...I had to get some to try...


  1. It must have come as a bit of a shock to hear that from Ellie's teacher. Hope your cold has cleared up now. It doesn't seem fair to have colds in the summer!

  2. That must have been a shock for you to hear that. I hope your cold is doing better. Big hugs lovely x

  3. Sometimes a diagnosis is a good thing and answers a lot of questions to their way of life. A way of life that is just normal for your family and you may not have thought about it.
    Quite right to teach them responsibility, it is not up to you to pack the bag, thought it beats sitting around waiting. Ours get detention at lunch time as a lot of our area bus to school. Though I think from when Fifi goes back as a 4th year she gets a bus pass to get her home and detention is after school.