Saturday 8 July 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 27 #Project365

Another week, another set of photos. One for each day. I find it so hard to take interesting photos when the girls are at school....Things will get better soon. Two weeks and then we have the summer holidays! Hooray!

175/365 - 1st July
Ellie's epic birthday list...She will not be getting everything!

176/365 - 2nd July
I took one photo on Sunday and this was it....One of the Minecraft cats. We had a lazy day.

177/365 - 3rd July
My teen put the dishes away....Badly! lol

178/365 - 4th July
It was a good post day! 

179/365 - 5th July
Ellie came home from school and within 10 minutes of getting in she was poorly...I think she had a migraine. She had a day off school and it fine now....

180/365 - 6th July
I was about to throw the tub that we grew the sea-monkeys in out until I noticed this....It is a giant sea monkey. I think it must be living off the algae. 

181/365 - 7th July
On Ellie's school report the only thing she wasn't doing too well in was her writing....Over the past week she has tried hard with it and she got Learner of the Week!


  1. Wow, that birthday list! She's certainly aiming high! Great to see that she's made a real effort with her writing and glad she was feeling better after being poorly.
    I'm sure teenagers deliberately do household chores badly so that we won't ask them again!

  2. I LOVE that your daughter has typed out her birthday list! Total pro! Glad she was feeling better too. And oh my gosh giant sea monkey taking over!!! #365

  3. That's some birthday list - I'm impressed by how organised she is with it. Glad the writing is going better.

  4. That is a long birthday list. My kids do jobs badly in the hope I won't ask them to do it again, I reply with 'good job'it irritates them more than telling them to do it

  5. Good grief at the birthday list, but handy to pass some ideas to family as well.
    Well done on the improvement in hand writing.
    My husband puts my plastic tubs away like that as well, I have given up on the cupboard

  6. That is some birthday list :) Great that she's been trying so hard with her writing, good for her x

  7. Wow that's a professional list if ever I saw one. Well done on Ellie's award #365