Wednesday 12 July 2017

Life on the Farm - If my parents knew....

This is the fourth post in the series I am doing about the life I had growing up on a farm....You can read the other posts. The Vehicles and about the fun I had camping

When I was growing up on the farm my main playmate was my brother......We fought like cat and dog but there were times when we were as thick as thieves....I am actually chuckling to myself thinking about what I am going to write in this blog post.....The things my brother and I got up to were shocking....Well not at the time but as a parent now I would be terrified if my girls did what we did.....

These are 5 of the best memories I have of stupid things my brother and I got up to:


In case you didn't know a Tarzee is a piece of rope normally looped over a tree branch used to swing on with a stick used as the seat.....We were experts at making these and had them all over the farm on trees....We did however have a big barn.....We came up with a great idea of putting the rope over one on the metal beams in front of a chicken shed....We could jump off the top (about 8 foot high) and swing....It was brilliant.....Flying through the air! Yeah we didn't think of the friction and the rope wearing away against the metal.....I was the last person to swing on that Tarzee.....You know the R-Kelly song "I believe I can fly" I wished I could.....In slow motion I swung the full swing and the rope snapped.....For a second I flew and hit the ground with a bump! I was winded but on the farm we just shook ourselves off and got on with the day....Thank goodness there was a lot straw on the ground or else there may have been broken bones!

Not Swimming.

We had a little stream at the bottom of one of our fields.....Most of it was waist high to say an average 10 year old (me). We were told not to follow it off our property.....Of course one day my brother and I did.....We went for a good mile....My brother was in front of me....I'll just add here, he couldn't swim.....Eek. Walking along the stream he went under.....He came up splashing about and went back under.....I grabbed a bit of wood the hero I am to save him. (it may have been a twig but it worked and I managed to pull him out....He didn't drown. He could have but he didn't....

Silage climbing!

We had a field on the farm which was left for most of the year and it grew....When the time was right it was cut and made into silage. In case you didn't know silage is cut grass which is wrapped up and kept for when the weather isn't too good like in the winter and there is nothing to graze on.

Anyway the grass was cut and always wrapped in the black wrapping and piled up high....Perfect for climbing on. My brother and I had races climbing over from side to side and running across it....We were careful not to get caught by my dad. If we had split the packaging it would be ruined. One package could feed our cows for at least a few days over the winter.....


Before we actually lived on the farm we went there every Sunday while the house was being built......There was sewerage pipes being put in....They were the width of an average 6 or 7 year old (my brother).....The pipes were stood up against some bales of straw we were sat on at the time....I dared him to get in one promising I would lay it down when he did and he could crawl out......Well he got in and I layed it down but he got stuck.....The silly so and so had got in with his arms up in the air. I stood there laughing for ages....I had to ask my dad to rescue him and can you believe I was the one to get in trouble....

Chip runs!

On the farm we had plenty of horses and my brother and I or my friend and I would go for rides out.....We were around all the lanes but were not allowed to go to a certain village. It was rough. Of course we did go to this village and not only this we would visit the chip shop and get a bag of chips each. We would tie the horses up outside so we could get served.....My parents never found out. Even when we sat down to eat our tea and couldn't because we were full of chips. hehehe

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