Thursday 5 September 2013

Brewers Fayre - Ashington - Review!

We decided to go to our local Brewers Fayre on Ellie's birthday last week....Ellie wanted lunch out and a play so this seemed ideal!! 

 Located in the beautiful country Queen Elizabeth II Park and nature reserve, with the colliery museum at the entrance to park this Brewers Fayre is lucky enough to overlook a lake with stunning views!!

Considering it is quite out of the way and not in the center of town when we arrived it was packed!! There are a lot of tables and we were lucky to find one.....We got ourselves seated and the kids were eager to go and play.....

There are two play areas....One outside....A normal play area you expect at a pub and an indoor one I would describe it as a soft play area....I would of loved to take some photos but there were so many kids running about I didn't want to have photos of random children on here....

Becky and Ellie decided they didn't want any starters so they were let loose to play!! There was no stopping them!!

Stu decided on the Extra feast for £2.99 which comprised of Battered onion rings, garlic & herb breaded mushrooms & garlic bread...He said it was delicious even though the garlic bread was a bit crispy for his liking...I had a Prawn cocktail for £3.99....We dived in then I shout stop!!!! I need photos! lol Mine was delicious!! There were plenty of prawns and salad but a tad too much sauce which I mopped up with the warm, buttered bread!

They had several meal deals on for the main course we choose the 2 meals for £10.....All the normal pub classics to choose from....

I chose Breaded Scampi served with chips, tartare sauce & garden peas and a side of coleslaw...Stu had Beef Lasagne served with chips and salad....It did come with garlic bread but as he had eaten that in his starter they offered a side of onion rings which was a good swap! The still ended putting garlic bread on the plate & never charged us even when we mentioned it!! What I thought was great was the fact the same meals on the menu would of come to £14.78 with the meal deal only £10!!

The girls were easy to please.....Becky decided on the Create Your Own Pizza option..A Margherita pizza with ham & mushrooms on which she loved but it was really only a pitta bread not real pizza base....

 Ellie of course chose the Six chicken nuggets made with chicken breast & served with chips & corn on the cob which she loved!!

 They came under the meal deal of Any main course + any pudding £4.49!

After all that food we decided we needed a break from eating so the kids went back off to play....

The staff were lovely! When they had served the food they brought sauces, asked if everything was ok! They were very attentive!! The plates were cleared quickly but not too quickly like they do in some places where you take the last mouthful and they are there!!

The girls came for a drink and decided they wanted pudding!

Stu the greedy so and so decided on Chocolate Indulgence Sundae for £3.99 which was layers of chocolate and vanilla flavour ice cream, chocolate crunch, marshmallows and chocolate brownies. Topped with a whip of cream, chocolate flavour fudge sauce and a chocolate flake.....He ate it all so must of been nice!

Becky and I chose the Chocolate Fudge Brownie....A slice of chocolate fudge brownie with vanilla & a pot of chocolate flavour fudge sauce I had a childs portion as I was so full and Ellie chose her favourite of Jelly and chocolate ice cream!

With drinks included it came to about £45 which I didn't think was too bad considering we can go to another chain of pub and each have a main course and drink and it can easily come to about £20!!

We will be going again!! I think as it is out of the town people don't go there just to drink so it is an ideal place for a family meal out....The kids loved it and it was so relaxing! Stu and I were not stressing about having to keep the kids sat still as when they were not eating they could go and play!


  1. Oh my word that food looks sooo good! Especially the ice cream and onion rings i should make my own! x

  2. My girls used to love going there to eat when they were little. I think they cater well for children. Do they still give out the colouring crayons and paper to keep the little ones happy? :-)

    1. They didn't give us any but there were some there on a table on the way in....I think if I had asked my two to sit and draw they'd of laughed at Why sit still when there was climbing & playing to be done...hehehe