Wednesday 18 September 2013

My Firsts!

I saw this tag over on Not Your Average and thought it looked a fun post so here are my firsts... 

First Concert!

I went to my first concert only a few years ago in the summer of I was a late starter concert wise!! I went to see the great Bon Jovi in Edinburgh...It was amazing!! Even the three hour drive there and back was fun! lol

 First Kiss!

Ahhh I was about 12 years old and his name was Andy....He was a couple of years older than me.....Our relationship didn't last long my dad saw to that.....hehehe

First Best Friend!

Ohh hard choice....I had two!! Claire & Tracy! We would go to each others houses for tea....Played together in school and had a big thing for collecting 'Neighbours' (the TV show) trading

First Music I bought!

It was just after my 12th birthday I think....The Now That's What I Call Music! 23 on a double cassette...Remember those!! I bought it with my birthday money and it was the first of the many Now Albums I own....

First Car!

My first car was an old Vauxhall Astra....My dad bought me it for my 17th birthday to learn to drive in....My dad was teaching to to drive....Ohh the arguments we We would argue, I would pull up and get out of the car and walk home! I was such a spoilt brat....I never did learn how to drive properly and pass my test....Oh well!

First Tweet!

3rd November 2010... @kimmer2111 Thought I'd give this Twitter a go...Hmmm Interesting :) 

First Celebrity Crush

Easy! It was most of Take I absolutely adored Mark Owen & Robbie Williams and had a soft spot for Gary Barlow.....Howard Donald was ok! Jason Orange was the only one I didn't Posters covered my walls and I bought every magazine with them in....Looking at the old pictures of them now makes me cringe! I do still love Robbie Williams though....

First holiday without parents!

It was a weekend to Blackpool.....It was a wild weekend just after my 18th birthday....I stayed in a grotty B&B but the food was nice...not that I made it up for breakfast! Lots of drinking, dancing and late nights made sure of that...

First blog post!

Ohhh this seems so long ago but it was only the 16th of November last year!! They shouldn't have bring and buy sales so close to Christmas! All about how Becky bought her sister the thing she had wanted for months....The exact same thing we'd bought her for

So there you go!


  1. OoOo I love this idea! Fab post. I wasn't a fan of take that... more of an East 17 girl ;) x

  2. ha ;) Bon Jovi - yes, yes yes! Hope your holidaying has got slightly more exotic than Blackpool though since! lol xxx

  3. Great post! East 17, I had a single of theirs, I'd forgotten all about it! I used to listen to it on my walkman!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  4. Now 23? I bought that when I was 28! ;)