Thursday 19 September 2013

Mums & Teenage Girls!

WOW I have this to

Teenage girls struggling with their hormones row with their mothers 183 times a year, a new study has revealed. 

They also have...

164 door slams
183 arguments with mother
257 arguments with siblings
153 fall-outs with father
127 fall-outs with friends
123 tears over boys
125 conversations with friends about periods
306 discussions with friends about boys
274 hours on the phone
The most common causes of rows with their mums are over untidy bedrooms, answering back and dating boys.

And the 'terrible teens' last until the age of 23, the survey by Li-Lets claims.

It is only at age 23 that girls realise what their mums did for them and appreciate them....

Top rows between mothers and teenage daughters..

1. Tidiness of bedroom....I had many of these....Have them now with my girls and they are not even teenagers yet!!

2. Answering back.....Yep I was terrible for that!

3. Relationship with siblings.....Had them! My brother and I used to fight like cat & dog! We still do!

4. Relationships with boys....Yep! Always an issue when I tried to go out with older boys!

5. Staying out too late....Yep! I hated being told when to be in caused many an argument about it! Especially when I went out and stayed out till later then I

6. The way I dressed.....hahaha I remember a huge argument I had with my mum because she said I couldn't go out wearing denim shorts which were really short...Found out since then it was my dad telling my mum to stop me wearing them....I still wore them

7. Attitude to school work....No I was always good at school and did my work!

8. Money.....Yep! I was always on the want for money!

9. Manners.....Yep!

10. Use of bad language.....Nope! I don't think I ever got caught swearing in front of my mum.....Not that I didn't use bad language....She just didn't catch me....hehehe


  1. This made me laugh. Dreading the teenage years and not chuffed to hear that they last till 23!

  2. I get on so well with my teenage daughters - I must be one of the lucky ones ;)

  3. This seems sadly all to true if I remember half of the trouble I caused my mom. It's all coming back to bit me in the bum in the form of my two young ladies.

    1. My mam always used to say you'll understand when you have kids and now I do and my two are not even teenagers

  4. Yes indeed, sounds like me and my Mum and exactly ehat my brother is contending with, with his two teenage daughters right now. So glad I have a boy.