Friday 6 June 2014

A Brilliant Week!

This week my Word of The Week is.....

After last weekend and Ellie having a sicky bug we didn't start the week on a good note....Becky wasn't too well on Monday after school...She felt sick and pretty rubbish she ended up in bed by 5pm with no tea....She slept till 9pm and woke up feeling much better....So much so she came downstairs and had something to eat and that was that she was over whatever she had....Brilliant!!

I have a rubbish phone....Even more basic then the old Nokia one's from the 90' It was bought as a replacement when I lost my old phone which was ancient and useless too....It is so embarrassing the ringtone sounds like an ice-cream van....Anyway if you follow me on twitter you will know I enter a lot of giveaways....Well all that re-tweeting paid off.....I finally won a new phone....Not just any phone a Samsung Galaxy S5......I read the message and asked Stu what a S5 was?....I'm useless when it comes to technology....He informed me it was a brand new phone and worth about £500!! I nearly fainted!! He offered me his phone for the S5.....Errr no I don't think so....It's all mine!! I'll finally be able to have a proper ringtone, use Instagram and not have to carry my camera everywhere with me.....Brilliant!!

Becky went on another school trip to Newcastle....They have had a few trips since September....A tour around the football club and talks by various people....This time it was to the university.....They had a good look around and did a lot of activities....She had a brilliant time!!
 Thursday was Ellie's class assembly....It was all about the great fire of London and had a guest appearance from Doctor Who.....Oh yes! They even had made a full size Tardis! So cool!! I wish I could of took photos!! Ellie and a few others played the part of the fire....I thought what a rubbish part when she was telling me all about it but the fire had the biggest part....They were dancing around the Tardis and knocking down the little towers they'd made of cardboard boxes.....Ellie was brilliant and I couldn't stop smiling.....I was so proud! Brilliant!!

Tomorrow we have family visiting....My ex sister in law (it's along story....She split with my brother but we still keep in touch) my nephew & my great Aunty Jean.....We don't see them often....Maybe two or three times a year so it's always very exciting for my girls....So we're hoping to have a brilliant weekend too!!


  1. It does all sound brilliant! Well done on that phone win - I love that your husband tried to get it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. That does sound brilliant and well done on winning the phone!

  3. Wow! Congrats on your phone win - I've got one and I LOVE, LOVE it. It's so fast and fab for zipping around on social media :)