Tuesday 24 June 2014

Box of OMG!! - Review!!

Ages and ages ago I signed up to Magic Belles for Ellie and she would get an envelope full of sticker, postcards, badges and a whole range of goodies....All for free!!

Every month she got goodies and I said to Becky when I find something for you I will sign up and you will get free goodies in the post.....

A few months ago I came across Box of OMG!

Box of OMG is packed with #TotallyOMG goodies from brands you know and love and new brands we know you'll love - Filled with makeup, movies, music, apps, fun stuff, and yummy treats! They're busting with OMG and sent out every two months - FREE!  

We received our first box a couple of months ago....I didn't have chance to photograph Becky had opened it and I didn't want to spoil her fun.....This time I was ready! lol

 There was a book, sweets, some Skwooshi stuff (it's like play dough but not) lol, some Moshi monster trading cards and some stickers.....

Becky was very happy and so was I.....There is nothing majorly expensive in the box but it is a great treat and surprise....

 They say that you are NOT guaranteed a box every two months when they are sent out.....It's all luck whether they send you one or not but you can become a subscriber for just £4.99 a box and guarantee your box every time..... Personally I wouldn't pay that for a box....They do say you get more 'stuff' and it's bigger and better but I only signed up because it was free.....Since we have signed up we have had two out of two of the boxes so it's not bad going....

The Box of OMG I would say is more aimed at girls....Boys don't have to miss out though there is also Box of Awesome....We haven't tried it but it's by the same company and I'm guessing it's aimed more at boys....

I received this box for free of charge and you can too by signing up....I was not asked to write this...This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!!


  1. This looks great for a freebie but like you say I don't think I'd pay £4.99 for a monthly subscription, when it's mostly sample size stuff and companies are often trying to get their samples out to you anyway.

  2. I have never heard of this is looks such good fun. I can't quite see the incentive to subscribe as you say. Interesting review. #TriedTested.

  3. Sounds interesting but no way I'd pay £4.99 to subscribe though #TriedTested

  4. Great review, and yes I agree it's not worth £4.99 which is a shame as I'd actually like to pay a few pounds for a box full of stickers, sparkly bits and things for Chloe. Will have to have a bit of a search and see if anything else comes close! x

  5. this seems like a good idea. my son loves getting things in the post! #TriedTested

  6. This is a great idea, and Magic Belles - just signed up there for Boo!

  7. Think I'll look that up, my little neighbour in recovery from neuroblastoma would love a random surprise, even if it's not every month. Thanks for writing about it. tried&tested

  8. It used to be £3 for both the boys and girls boxes. I used to subscribe and get the boxes everytime they came out.
    I then moved house and emailed my new address over and over but they never responded so I had to cancel it.
    I was shocked when I tried to sign up again and found it was £5 per box per month. That's £10 for me and I would not pay that for them. £3 was justifiable.

  9. Love this! My daughter has magic belles which is wonderful I've just popped my name down for a box o awesome fingers crossed!x

  10. I looked into signing up for this but I have to admit I didn't really quite get the concept of it!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week