Friday 13 June 2014


This week my word of the week is....

It's all been about money this week....

School class photos to pay for.....I wouldn't normally get them but as it's Becky's last year in Primary school I've wanted to so I can put in one of the many memory boxes we've have for her.....

It's Fathers day this weekend.....Jeez! Funky Pigeon had there fair share of money off me this Cards for Stu off each off the girls....A card for my dad....Then a birthday card for my Aunty and one for my nephew....While I was on there I found a Walking Dead T-shirt....One that isn't covered in zombies and blood....It's personalised too which I thought was cute!! I just had to have it! 

I have got a few other bits and bobs for Stu and my dad.....They're worth it but they nearly broke the bank.....

I've also had to start saving to buy Becky's school uniform too which is being delivered to the school on the 18th and will need paying for on collection.....£12 for a jumper which sells for £3 in Asda....Grr!! She'll need at least 3....The only difference is the Logo on it....The tie £4.50, the P.E kit and god knows what else....

And.....I must start shopping for the girls birthdays in August and

Next week on my weekly meal plan expect to see a lot of beans on toast and (Joking)


  1. Thank goodness we have standard uniform and they're not too bothered about the logo-that really, really annoys me. Schools insisting on a logo top-how about they contribute to the cost of buying them then?! And you've reminded me, although I've got the money saved, I've yet to buy anything for my daughters birthday-next month! Best get cracking :)

  2. Sounds like an expensive week!! I will be on the dreaded uniform shop soon, so I will be able to yodel in my purse when i'm done lol! Have a great weekend xx

  3. i feel your pain. there is always something cropping up for us that needs paying for, never ends! #WoTW

  4. Ah money, wouldn't it be great to win the lottery? Sounds like a busy week :-)

  5. Why is it that some weeks are all pay, pay, pay. I joke that would be rich if I didn't have children

  6. Oh my goodness it's never ending isn't it. One of the best things over here in Canada is that there is no school uniform having two boys who grew like weeds it has saved me a fortune!

  7. Hiya!

    I know how you're feeling. We are looking at putting Gwenn into nursery for one day a week and although the prices are reasonable, it's still a massive expense when you're trying to budget.

    Our biggest downfall is food. We do not shop wisely at all.



  8. There's always something demanding you spend money you haven't got on it! We've had school photos, birthdays, fathers' day, birthday parties, school trips and summer clothes already this month and we're only halfway through!!!

  9. Oh no, tough week! I can relate, though, with birthdays, holiday and father's day here and we're off to Boo's school meeting this week where we'll get the pricey uniform list, too - might be my word next week! Thanks for sharing with #WotW