Saturday 20 September 2014

A Birds Eye Week! #Afterschoolchefs

If you are a regular reader here you may or may not have realised that on Monday I didn't post my usual weekly meal plan...I had a good reason....I wanted to save it for this post....

Every week I meal plan....I have found it saves money by only buying what I need and saves on waste too....They tend to go to plan during school time but during the holidays they're a bit hit and miss especially when we decide to go for a day out and are not back in time for me to cook what I've planned......

Now the kids are back at school I am back to meal planning......It adds a bit of routine and I have found the kids are more willing to eat food if they know what they are having......
The girls are usually starving when they get in from school and if I haven't had chance during the day to prepare something it is handy to have a well stocked freezer....

I was recently given a great opportunity.....I was given £20 worth of vouchers to stock my freezer with fantastic Birds Eye products......Didn't we do well!!

So this week we ate from the freezer which is not as bad as it sounds.....This is what we ate!!


We had Shortcrust chicken pie, Mashed potato and hearty farmhouse vegetables....Ellie ended up with some corned beef pie as I forgot to put the chicken fingers in the oven.....(She's not to keen on Chicken pie) She like's pastry and chicken but it in not pies!....Strange child!

It is the first time we've tried the vegetables in bags which you put into the microwave.....What a clever idea.....They take 3 minutes and taste the same as if you boil them..... They're very handy and I think I will be buying them in future as they save on waste too as we're getting the correct portion size!!


We had burgers in buns with onion rings....Becky's covered in red sauce and Ellie's in barbecue sauce....She's gone crazy about it lately.....She had a fried egg with toast for her breakfast on Sunday and had barbecue sauce on it....Eww! A nice, simple, quick meal for an easy start to the week.....


The kids had BBQ Mini Chicken Griddlers, I had 2 Sticky & Sweet BBQ Chicken Chargrills & Stu had 2 Sweet Chilli Chicken pieces.....We all had them with Super Noodles!

I always have a couple of boxes of the BBQ Mini Chicken Griddlers in the freezer.....They go with everything. Pasta, rice, noodles and we have had them in wraps before with salad....


Vegetable Nuggets and a bag of rice fusions (Mediterranean one's) each of course covered in sauce!

Rice fusions are another thing I always have in the freezer..... They're very handy to have....Ellie isn't too keen on chips and will only eat them when she's in the mood for them so she tends to have a bag of rice if she isn't fancying chips.

Oh and I've just noticed Becky's pj's.....She has changed them she just has two pairs of We're not tramps really!!


Friday is always fish day in our house.....I have always had fish on a Friday and carried on the tradition with my girls....

The girls had Fish Fingers, Mashtags and Spaghetti hoops...

As much as my girls loved the other meals I think Fish fingers will always be their favourite.....I remember loving fish fingers as a kid....It's just one of those things that most kids love....

So that's what we've been eating this week...

It's been a fun challenge eating a lot of Birds Eye food.....It is perfect for after school and hungry children....

This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Linky Challenge, sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Birds Eye Facebook page

I was sent £20 worth of Birds Eye vouchers to pay for the food to do this challenge.....All thoughts and opinions are of course my own. 


  1. I can't believe you got all that for £20 what a bargain!

    1. It was more then £20. I used one £1 voucher on each item....Came to about £28 and I paid the difference....Well worth it though.

  2. Wow you have certainly been a busy After School Chef x

  3. Wow looks like a tasty week, oh I love chicken flavour super noodles, so yummy :)

  4. Birds eye are a great brand for children and adults. We always stocked up with bits and pieces. X

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  5. I must try the Mash Tags they look amazing x

  6. I enjoyed reading your post. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part