Wednesday 24 September 2014

No messin....Children will touch anything!

A poster by Spelthorne council has gone viral and sparked outrage.....The poster shows a young boy eating fake dog poo with the caption ‘No messin’, children will touch anything’.

It has been called 'disgusting' and the council have been accused of using shock tactics.....Spelthorne council say that ‘these kinds of messages and imagery are necessary to have the required effect.....

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Good on the council! I think the poster is shocking to look at but it gets the point across!! They are doing the right thing.....People don't take any notice of polite signs and fines are obviously not working....Maybe the shock tactics will!....

I personally find dog mess left in the streets more disgusting than this poster! Every time I step ouside of my gate I can't take a few steps without stepping around dog poo.....The streets to the side of where I live are even worse....There's even bins with signs on but no notice is taken!

A few months ago a guy let his dog poo right outside of my gate and I was on my way to pick the kids up.....He had no intention of picking it up until I said something! I said to him I'll find his house and go and crap outside of his gate.....Not the most ladylike of moments from me but it got my point across as when I got home with the kids it was gone! Shock tactics do

It would be nice if this poster did the trick and had dog owners picking the mess up but I don't think it will.....I hope it at least makes them think twice!!


  1. ha ha ha!! Kim, go and shit on his gate ha ha ha!!!!! I see nothing wrong with the poster, people like to cause an uproar dont they, do people really think that they gave the kid some poop to eat!! ps kids will eat anything...Elsie on more than one occasion (I'm sad to say, once i was outside hanging the washing out and once i was cooking tea) has got to a shit filled potty before I even knew about it (why do kids not tell you when they have been!!!) and had a munch on the shit (tramp!!!) X

  2. The poster does get the point across though and to be honest I've seen worse.
    It's uncomfortable viewing but that's what ti's supposed to do.
    Maybe I'm a bit on the fence with this one as I too hate dog mess in the streets

  3. It is shocking the pic but it's done its job its got people talking about it! It's the same here in N.ireland we have the most shocking car crash ads that are "too shocking for english/scottish/welsh" audiences but our gov thinks it's what is needed. I personally hate them because they are so shocking but they get the message across really well. I say good on the council. p.s good for you telling that man how it is! :) xx

    1. I have heard about the ads from n.ireland and seen some on Youtube.....I think they more shocking they are the more people take notice x

  4. It is a shocking picture but if it makes people think twice then I think that's a good thing. Good for you telling the man off for leaving dog poo outside your house. I think my reaction would have been very similar. Hope he learns not to do it again.