Friday 12 September 2014

What's in a name?

I was tagged in by the lovely Ellen from El & Baby A to take part in a post she had an idea for.....

Thinking off the top of my head I couldn't tell you what mine and my girls names mean....How popular they are and the origin of them......


Meaning of Rebecca: "servant of God"
Origin of Rebecca: Hebrew
Rebecca's Popularity in 2013: #178

Yes Becky's real name is Rebecca even though everybody who really knows her calls her Becky....Only strangers call her Rebecca!!.....I have seen myself sat in the dentist or doctors and them shout for Rebecca to go in and Becky and I have sat there oblivious! lol

When I was pregnant my ex partner and I picked out a few names (Yes, Stu is not Becky's natural father).....We had a few names picked....Chloe or Olivia for a girl and Jack and Kane for a boy. I was a huge wrestling fan and there was and still is a wrestler called Kane which I loved.....Also my parents were foster carers and they fostered a little boy called Kane and I just loved the name.....

It turns out when she was born the midwife asked what we were calling her and I came out with Rebecca....Don't ask me where it came from.....I can't really remember why I said it. lol but it was a nice name and it did suit her.....


 Meaning of Ellie: "bright shining one"
Origin of Ellie: English, diminutive of Eleanor and Ellen
Ellie's Popularity in 2013: #74

 We knew early on that Ellie was a girl so Stu and I didn't even consider any boys names.....We had a deal when I fell pregnant that he would name a boy and me a girl....Phew! All the names he was picking I hated....hehehe We had a few other names picked out for Ellie....She could have been Louise or a Jessica.....Ellie suited her though....


 The name Kim is an Anglo-Saxon baby name.
In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Kim is: Noble or brave.

My name is Kim and just Kim.....Not Kimberly....Although when I was a kid I used to tell people it was. I thought Kim was a boring name.....

My name was chosen because it was easy to My brother is called Ben....My parents kept it simple....hehehe

 I am tagging you all to join in and do be sure to go and say hello to Ellen who came up with putting this post out there.

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