Friday 19 September 2014

Not the best or was it....

I really struggled this week to come up with a one word to sum up our week.....I finally came up with....

 It hasn't been the best week.....The weather hasn't been that good and we found out Ellie is totally deaf in one ear now but I've found some positives.....More than I initially thought.

The girls are still doing well at school.....Becky has decided cookery is her favourite lesson despite burning herself 3 times on the oven.....She came home with the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted....Watch out Great British Bake She's keeping up with her homework and is actually enjoying it....Phew!

 Two days this week Ellie hasn't had to wear uniform which she thought was just the best.....Firstly for Roald Dahl Day she went dressed as a witch....From The Witches of course and today for Jeans for Genes day....

Ellie got the best seat on the bus both on the way to and coming back from the hospital.....Right at the front at the top....It's the simple things!!

We got our first letter about the famous secondary school trips that happen....

Two nights in London and sight seeing.....Pizza making at Pizza express, meals at the Hard Rock Cafe and another at the Rainforest Cafe....A visit to Madam Tussauds, the London Dungeons, The London Eye, the Science museum, a river cruise and to see a West end show....As well as a 3 hour guided tour of London.....We thought the £295 seemed a lot but when you add the price of all the attractions and the travel down there it's a fab price!! 

We've paid the deposit and now we have to keep our fingers crossed Becky is picked to go as only 20 children from year 7 and 20 from year 8 can go.....

Oh yeah and I'm the best mam in the world.....I won Niall out of One Direction....Well a cardboard cut out of him from a twitter

I've said any fighting over him and I'll chop him in half then the problem with be solved.....Last night he stayed in Becky's room and tonight he's staying in Ellie's.....

So after thinking nothing good had happened this week it turns out it wasn't such a bad week after all....

The Reading Residence


  1. Sounds like there were lots of positives - sometimes it's not until we really look for them that we see them though. Those cookies sound delicious and the girls look very happy with the cardboard cut-out of Niall. Fingers crossed for Becky getting to go on the school trip x

  2. Lovely to hear your positives and my daughter likes Niall too :)

  3. Great you have had so many positive things this week. That trip sounds fab!

  4. So many positives to be found! That London trip sounds amazing, so fingers crossed she's picked. Those cookies do look yum! And well done on the Niall win!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Can she come and back some cookies for me please? I am glad that you found something positive about your week, the next will be much better!

    German Girl in London

  6. Well that sorted out the problem - saying you'd cut Niall in half ;) #wotw

  7. So sorry Ellie is completely deaf in one ear now... Becky's cookies look delicious. I am feeling peckish now!

  8. That doesn't sound like too bad a week. I'm impressed that Becky's school is teaching biscuits in home ec. We've had some very random recipes so far - none of which are anything as nice as cho chip cookies! #WotW

  9. It's not always easy to see the positives, but they are often there if we look for them. It does sound like a pretty good week :) #WotW

  10. It sounds as if you had a pretty good week, although I'm not sure that winning a giant size cardboard cutout of Niall from 1D is a good thing..But your girls look tickled pink with him!

    At first I thought that £295 pounds for two nights in London sounded a bit steep, but as you said if you look at what's included in that price it's a bargain. I hope Becky gets picked and has a fab time!

  11. Goodness that cardboard cut-out is huge, I think that would freak me out in the middle of the night! Well done for finding so many positives this week :-)