Friday 19 December 2014

Christmas!!! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week has to be.....

I've held off using Christmas as my word for but this week has been full on Christmas preparation and events.....

Monday Becky had her Christmas disco and had a brilliant time.....It was her first after school disco and she said she felt so grown up....She looked it too! Ellie's Christmas party was on Thursday and she came out of school high as a kite....I think far too much sugar was consumed....hehehe

Wednesday Stu and I went along to the carol service to see the whole of Ellie's school sing....They were fantastic! I do love Christmas carols.....

Yesterday I ended up going shopping with a friend....We ended up in M&S and I got the stuffing for the Christmas dinner! I love their stuffing.....So fancy...hehehe I also picked up some extra presents for the girls in some of the other shops....I know I had said I had finished but I can't help myself! The bargain of the day was the Frozen Pj's for Ellie. They were only £3.99!!

We had a look around Currys and I have seen the most gorgeous tv....A Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD 55 inch Curved TV.....I had seen them on shows like the gadget show and though meh! They can't be any better then normal tv's but they are amazing! Now if Santa could leave one of those under my tree it would be fantastic as I don't think I could stretch to the two thousand and odd pound it

Most of the wrapping has been done....Anything that isn't wrapped will be getting wrapped on Christmas eve when the girls are in bed.... 

All week I have been tweaking my Tesco food order which is coming tomorrow which I am very excited about.....

My dad, his girlfriend and my great Aunt are coming visiting on Monday.....I didn't expect to see them until after Christmas and at half past one today the girls finish school.....

Maybe my Word of the week should have been excited....hehehe

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

The Reading Residence


  1. Thank goodness Christmas is almost here! I think my little T is dying of anticipation :) It's also her first ever school disco later this evening, let's see how that one goes :) Have a lovely Christmas from my little family to yours :) Dean

  2. It's almost here! Enjoy your Christmas celebrations xx

  3. Maybe it should have been excited, it does all sound fab! So pleased you've had a lovely week and I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Yes been really busy with Xmas preparations here too, as we're off relative visiting this weekend

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  6. I think I am more into the break now after the busy weeks before. I just want to rest and have my son from school.

    If Santa was also real I would want a decent laptop probably Mac.

    I wish Santa is really so that we can have both what we want =P


  7. Sounds like a great week Kim! Love that Becky felt like a grown up after the school disco, bless her. Hope you all have a great Xmas and fab start to the new year xxx

  8. Christmas is definitely a good #wotw and sounds like you are pretty organised! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas x

  9. Have a brilliant Christmas and new year! x #wotw

  10. Sounds like you've had a fabulous week, all very exciting! Have a wonderful Christmas Kim xx