Tuesday 30 December 2014

The New Year tag!

Thank you Louise for Little Hearts Big Love for tagging me in the New Year Tag!...I do love these sort of things...

What was your highlight of 2014?

The whole summer holidays were brilliant but the fantastic day we had out at Alnwick Garden was amazing....Proper family time and the sun shone all day.....Oh and going to see One Direction with Becky....As much as I can't stand the boys I do sort of like their music and it was lovely to spend some time alone with Becky.....

What are you excited for in 2015?

Getting a new laptop....This one is just about dead....It's had 4 new motherboards, a new keyboard, it overheats and now the screen keeps flickering.....I've had it about 7 years so it's served me well! January I will start saving for a new one....Oh and spending some more time with Becky when we go and see One Direction again....lol

Any new year resolutions?

Try and be more confident in real life and online.....

Blogging high?

In December two years ago I entered the Tots 100 rankings at 1295....This month I actually made it into the top 100 at 98!! It took two years but I made it.....Hooray!! I've worked with some great brands, ran my first giveaway and celebrating two years blogging! What a year!

Picture of the year?

So many to choose from but I have chosen this one....My three favourite people on the best day out of the year....

 I tag you all to take part....


  1. Lovely pics & happy two years!!x

  2. Well done on your Tots score! I need to be more confident too x

  3. Gorgeous pics and a brilliant year! Well done on your Tots score and your 2 years, Happy New Year lovely x

  4. Good luck with the new laptop and your resolutions and congratulations on two years of blogging and your Tots score: I bet that was a lovely Christmas pressy :)

  5. Big Congrats on your Tots100 rank matey!, have a great night with your family and I hope 2015 is a good one for you! :) Happy New Year xxx

  6. So glad you joined in - lovely photos and a huge well done on your Tots100 rank - very well deserved. Hope you get your new laptop soon. Have loved reading your blog this year and hope that you have a fab 2015 x