Saturday 27 December 2014

Goodbye Elizabeth the Elf...

Elizabeth our Elf On The Shelf has gone back to the North Pole to be with Santa....I was really sad to see her leave....The girls were too....They were convinced that she may have stayed for Christmas morning too....It was not to be :(

The kids have really been aware of her and I would say they have been on their best behavior....Well apart from the day when Elizabeth hid upstairs and Ellie was having a bit of a paddy and said she can't see me it doesn't matter if I'm naughty.....I said she can hear you though....She soon calmed herself down....hehehe

This last week I have really struggled to come up with anything adventurous....It seems like Elizabeth has had a bit of hide and seek going on....Saturday morning she was a bit camouflaged....hehehe and Sunday she may have ate the rest of the Quality street which was left....Naughty Elf!


Monday Elizabeth was hidden away on the snow on the cupboard door and on Tuesday she found her way upstairs and hung on the pull up bar outside our bedroom door.....The girls took ages to find her....I told them he was checking if their rooms were tidy.....hehehe The soon tidied them.

On Wednesday she left a subtle hint from Santa.....hehehe

On Christmas eve she went.....So sad! I would often catch Ellie whispering things to her...So sweet....Becky even got caught up in the magic forgetting she doesn't believe in things like this anymore.....

I'm sure Elizabeth will be back next year.....


  1. Ah sad to say goodbye to the elves - has been lovely seeing all their antics. Glad that you enjoyed Elizabeth's stay and look forward to her return next year :-)

    1. It was very sad :( I can't wait until next year x