Wednesday 3 December 2014

Top 100 baby names for 2014....

Babycentre have released a list of the top 100 baby names for 2014....

Yay Ellie is at number 34 & Rebecca at 96.....
70s names are making a big comeback with names such as Emma, Angela, Karen and Maria being popular.....Fun fact! I always wanted to be called Emma when I was a
 Film and TV influences are obvious.....Elsa is now a popular girl's name after the success of Frozen and Olaf and Kristoff are in there for the boys. 
Breaking Bad has inspired an increase in the names Skyler, Jesse and Walter....I think that is so cool! I couldn't name a child after someone off Breaking Bad
Is your child's name in the top 100?


  1. Yes, both of my kids are there! I always find these interesting to take a peek at!

  2. Both mine are in there and in fact their middle names are too! Not sure I would want to call one of mine Olaf but each to their own!

  3. I love these lists. Both mine are in the top 20 - I always said I wouldn't go for something really popular but those were the names that just felt right for my girls! x

  4. Thanks for sharing these... my daughters' names are at numbers 1 and 4. I'm sure their names weren't as popular back in 1994.

  5. Both my kids names are in there, though one is at the top and one at the end. I always wanted to be called Claire ;)

  6. My kids name are not there. My daughter is called Adeen which is quite an unusual name.