Tuesday 9 December 2014

Lottie Video - Every Girl's a Superhero!! #BeBold #BeBrave #BeYou

Arklu, the company behind Lottie, the childlike fashion doll that aims to empower young children through play, has released a new stop-motion animation that takes the hammer to limiting stereotypes, challenges toxic beauty ideals and celebrates everything a girl can be, sending a resounding message that ‘Every Girl’s a Superhero’.....

The video opens with three hard-hitting messages that inspire girls to #BeBold, #BeBrave, #BeYou, before launching into a series of girls taking part in adventurous escapades under the watchful aegis of Super Lottie.  

Each scene depicts how girl’s don’t require super-powers to be a superhero, but how acts of kindness, bravery, overcoming challenges, breaking boundaries, and remaining true to oneself are all superhero qualities. 

 Lucie Follett, Co-founder and Creative Director of Arklu explains: “We wanted to create something really inspiring, upbeat, fun and positive, targeted towards children, but also demonstrates in a light-hearted manner how we’re working to ‘bury’ the toxic beauty standards that pervade society and have such negative implications for girls.

“We want girls to see the full range of possibilities open to them, and girls being supportive of one and other in their interests and activities, however diverse those choices might be. We hope this video inspires girls to express their adventurous spirit and originality”.

The stop-motion features Arklu’s forthcoming dolls of science: ‘Stargazer Lottie’ doll which is a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), and ‘Fossil Hunter’ Lottie doll which is a collaboration with TrowelBlazers, an international team of scientists dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to archaeology, geology, and palaeontology. Stargazer and Fossil Hunter Lottie dolls will launch in 2015. 

As a Lottie Doll Ambassador we were sent products in exchange for these promotional blog posts.

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