Saturday 13 December 2014

Elizabeth the naughty Elf....

This week our Elf on the Shelf Elizabeth has been quite a cheeky little thing.....Last week she was a pleasure to have in our home this week she has been quite different....It has caused much amusement....

On Saturday morning the girls found that Elizabeth had got creative with some chalk......

What a naughty elf! Ellie took the moral high ground and said we're not allowed to use chalk in the house especially not on the kitchen cupboards!

On Sunday our elf scaled the walls and found a comfy place on one of the Christmas decorations.....hehehe

Monday morning Elizabeth had got crazy with a white board pen....Doodling on photographs! Ellie gave her a good telling off....hehehe and Tuesday she was found in a vase covered in stickers.....This caused a lot of giggles....

Wednesday Elizabeth was found under the Christmas tree in a little fort she had built out of Mega Bloks and on Thursday she had found herself in the bathroom going wild with the toothpaste. This made Ellie's week I think...She's not keen on the toothpaste and was glad that she has less of it to use.....

Friday Elizabeth the elf brought had some very cute friends with her....hehehe

I hope next week Elizabeth is back on her best behavior!!



  1. Elizabeth is a naughty elf! Loving her mischief! Thanks for sharing with #ElfTakeover x

    1. Thank you for hosting....She's a little terror....hehehe x