Thursday 15 October 2015

My Favourite Halloween Costumes....

I have been invited to a Halloween party! Hooray! Usually it's just for the kids but as it is on a Saturday this year my friend is hosting a party and she said dressing up is a must so I have been looking at costumes and there is just so much choice online....

Bare Bones - Party Delights - From £21.99
Batwoman Fancy Dress Outfit - Asda - £20.00
Cruella De Vil Evil Madame Costume - All Fancy Dress - £14.99
Day of the Dead Dress-Up - Tesco - £15.00 

Orange Witch - Very - £19.00
Little Dead Riding Hood - Magic Box Fancy Dress - £14.99
Black Corpse Bride - Party Britain - £27.99
Pirate Lady Fancy Dress - Asda - £16.00 

Will you be dressing up for Halloween?


  1. I like the Cruella De Vil one! I'm pregnant this year, so I don't need to dress up, I already look like a huge pumpkin, lol x

  2. Oo love these. I think I would go for the orange witch! xx