Thursday 15 October 2015

My girls have good hearts.... #CHD

 On Tuesday we were at the hospital for my girls to have a check up on their hearts.....In case you didn't know just over 6 years ago they both had open heart surgery to fix holes in their hearts....

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It has been two years since their last check up and although I know they are fit & healthy there is always that niggling thought in the back of my head that their hearts could have deteriorated....We didn't know they had problems with their hearts until Ellie jammed her fingers in a door when she was about a year and a half old and she needed surgery to fix her fingers......They spotted it then. So now would there be any signs that their hearts are deteriorating? I really should of asked the doctor that the other

We saw a new Doctor to us.....Dr O I will call him.... I have heard wonderful things about him & think I saw him when the girls were having their surgery but I'd never really met him.....He informed me our normal doctor, Dr K was retiring and he was taking over.....I may have been a bit vocal about my disappointment in this....Eek! I hope he didn't take it personally but Dr K was amazing! He is the one to thank for saving my girls lives....

So we got on with the echocardiogram. Ellie was first and he was good enough to point everything out including the pesky leaky valves.....Which are fine and have got no worse than they were at our last check up! Hooray! When it was Becky's turn he said the same about her heart too.....Dr O said they have good hearts....Phew! 

Dr O asked if we had ever been offered genetic testing? We haven't and he said it would be good to know if the heart problems will be passed down to the girls children as well since I passed it down to the girls....I think I would like to know too. They obviously could still have children but at least it won't be a nasty surprise for them if their child/children have heart defects too.....He asked me if I was planning on having anymore and I said no because I couldn't go through it again.....He went through the whole speech about I would be under that hospitals care and I would have extra scans but it hasn't changed my mind....

So we are being put forward for the genetic testing....There is a very long waiting list so it could be this time next year or even the year after when we are called upon....In the mean time Dr O is going to have a look at the results of the scan I had taken about 5 years ago at my local hospital....Good luck to him with that! I rang up to get the results and was told a doctor doesn't need to see me about them my heart was Maybe he will find out more than I did?

We then had the girls weight, height and blood pressure done....All perfect! Then we went for the ECG which came back fine too....It was funny when the woman doing the ECG realised both the girls had, had heart surgery....She has never seen or heard of two sisters both having the same problem and she has been doing the same job for a lot of years....hehee I

So we are back in 18 months again for a check up.....Dr O said us coming sooner is nothing to worry about....He doesn't like to leave people for 2 years like our old doctor so he compromised and said 18 months.....So we will be back sometime in April of 2017!

Little Hearts Big Love


  1. So glad they're both doing well xx

  2. So glad that all went well with your girls' heart check-up. It must have been quite a shock to have a new doctor - it is hard when you have built up so much trust with the old doctor. Sounds like the new one is good though and hope that he manages to track down those scan results. Good luck with the genetic testing - sounds like that would be good extra info to have about the likelihood of passing on the heart conditions. Thanks for linking up to #hearttoheartlinky.

  3. Really glad to hear that everything went ok for the girls.
    It must of been so hard for you.
    I bet it was a toughy finding out your regular doctor was retiring too.
    I'm sure the new one will be equally as good x

    1. Thank you! It is hard but such a relief when it's over!

  4. I'm so glad they are both doing well... It's a strange old world with these heart appointments. We have only seen Rainbow's dr twice so I have yet to build any rapport with him. I hope we do soon though. x

  5. must be hard knowing one child has an issue but to find out two of them have must have been a shock. glad thinks are ok at the moment

    1. Thank you! It was a shock but expected at the same time....A very strange feeling!
      Thank you!

  6. So glad it all went well. I'm with you two is enough lol