Saturday 10 October 2015

Project 365 - Week 41

Another week another Project 365 post....A photo every day for a year....

276/365. 3rd October 2015
Saturday night snacks....

277/365. 4th October 2015
Very happy with her plaits after her Sunday night bath.

278/365. 5th October 2015
An epic delivery from Aldi....I reviewed some of their Special Buys....

279/365. 6th October 2015
Timehop saves the day....hehehe We all looked so young!

280/365. 7th October 2015
She absolutely loves Topsy and Tim....Secretly I do too! It's probably the only TV show she sits and watches from start to finish!

281/365. 8th October 2015
I love this time of year! Mince pie season...hehehe

282/365. 8th October 2015
We went and reviewed Brewers Fayre and this is the view from outside....


  1. Looks like a busy week reviewing. The view outside the pub is lovely.

  2. We love Topsy and Tim in our house too :-) I have, so far, resisted mince pies but I do love them and know that I will not resist for long! That timehop picture is certainly one to treasure. Hope you have a good week xx

  3. Very cute plaits! Yes, mince pies are here to stay for a while. A beautiful timehop photo. Looks like a busy week, with lots of lovely treats

  4. OOhhhh mince pies...yum yum yum........but ouch ouch ouch the next day when they seek their revenge, I just do not buy them. Love the plaits. Never seen that type of quality street before.