Saturday 24 October 2015

Project 365 - Week 43

Another week of photos for Project 365....

We have been tired this week....The kids finished school on Thursday afternoon and we're ready for a week or so of relaxation, baking and Halloween fun....

290/365. 17th October 2015
My friend gave us a lot of big sheets of paper....The kids made use of them making life size pictures of each other....

291/365. 18th October 2015
Less than 24 hours after properly tidying her room it looks like this! Grr!!

292/365. 19th October 2015
I didn't expect them to dry....They did! Hooray!

293/365. 20th October 2015
A tablet is just not enough....She has to use her phone #TeenLife

294/365. 21st October 2015
I begged Stu to make me a hot chocolate on Wednesday evening....He makes them so well!

295/365. 22nd October 2015
Celebrating the start of the Half term holidays....

296/365. 23nd October 2015 
The cupboard of doom all tidy! Hooray and after over 4 years of living in here Stu finally put a light in it!


  1. My 11 year old is the same! I tell him to tidy his room and he will tell me it is done but the only difference I can tell is that everything is in neater piles everywhere lol! Isabella has just gone mad at Ellie's Frozen top shouting "Mummy, look Frozen!!" "I want it!" Hope you all have a great week xx

    1. hehehe....My girl usually stuffs everything under her bed!
      We got the top from Asda last year...It's actually a nightie. lol

  2. I can so relate to the untidy bedroom and the multi-tasking phone and tablet - my younger son looks like that permanently!
    Hope you all have a fun and relaxing half-term.