Thursday 19 November 2015

Aldi's childrens stocking fillers for under £5 plus much more!

You know how much a I love Aldi and their Specialbuys.....I shared with you some ideas for men's Christmas gifts last week....This time it's all about the kids!

Aldi's wonderful stocking fillers came into a store near you a few days ago...They are all under five pounds too which I think is fantastic value for money!

Hand Puppet - £2.99
Floppy, soft-touch characters to bring to life – just add silly voices! Choose from Monkey, Cow, Bear, Dog, Horse or Elephant.

Mini Colour Watch - £4.99
Available in 10 colours. Silicone strap

Jigsaw Books - £3.99
Keep kids entertained for hours with these brilliant storybooks full of fun jigsaws. Choose from 6 titles.

Dinosaur Toys - £4.99
Squeezable dinosaurs with realistic features and rubbery skin. Choose from Spinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus or T-Rex

Orchard Toys Games - £3.99
Entertain the kids for hours with these fun friendly games. Choose from Dominoes, Wild Animal Sounds, Lotto or Snap. Ages 3-6.

Encyclopedias - £2.99
From Herb Gardening to Reptiles, Dinosaurs and Fish, these fantastic books will help bring the world to life. Choose from 10 different titles.

Puzzler Yearbooks - £2.49
Packed full of brain-teasers to keep them entertained. Choose from 5 titles.

Busy Day Board and Books - £2.99
An enjoyable storyline and appealing character-led book. Comes with a wind-up toy and a big track for interactive fun.

Christmas DVDs - £3.99

 On the 26th of November Aldi get their fantastic toy range in.....A brilliant selection of top-quality, value gifts that will provide hours of delight for all ages! I am excited about this!

Products include:

Boy’s Bike - £79.99
Girl’s Bike - £79.99
Balance Bike - £39.99
Mega Set Pre-School Assortment - £19.99
Treasure Chest Storage - £19.99
Scramblebug - £19.99
Star Wars Vehicle - £17.99
Toy Pram - £17.99
Boxing Set - £9.99
Frozen Doll - £7.99
Play Tools - £7.99
Animal Hot Water Bottle - £7.99
Torch - £6.99
Star Wars Figure - £6.99
Brainbox Games - £5.99
Star Wars Rebel Figure - £5.99
Colour Magnetic Sketcher - £5.99
3 In 1 Games / Puzzles Sets - £4.99
Star Wars Gift Guide - £4.99
Children's Christmas Dress Up - £3.99
Book & Gift Sets - £3.99
Soft Christmas Toy - £3.99

Keep a look out for these in a store near you....

"Once it’s gone, it’s gone"

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