Friday 13 November 2015

This week has been a struggle but it's not all bad! - WotW

This week my word of the week is

I feel a bit meh about this week.....I've had a sore throat for about a week and on Wednesday it turned into a full blown cold....In a world without children I would have taken myself to bed and slept through it with flu tablets and Lemsip....With kids there is no chance of that so I have being struggling through. I'm just feeling sorry for myself so have tried to find the positives from the week.....There has been few.....

I have mentioned before the struggles we've had with Ellie's behavior....Especially at the end of the last school year....We finally had the appointment with the school nurse at the hospital and as things have calmed down and her behavior has improved there's not much they can do.....A school nurse is going to go into the school and see her old and new teacher to see how she's doing but at the moment this is the end of it....As long as she's behaving there is no issue to deal with.

On Wednesday it was so warm here (well warm considering it is November) and quite windy which meant I got three loads of washing done! Hooray! That made me so happy as I was struggling to get on top of the washing pile and I was getting so stressy about it....

It's my birthday next Saturday! Yippee....I am struggling to decide what to do though....For the first time in years it's on a Saturday but we have no plans. Stu's asked if I would like to go out for a meal or something but I really must be getting old. I would much rather stay in with a takeaway and watch Strictly & X-Factor....

I am struggling with blog posts at the moment.....In a good way though.....I have so many ideas and posts to write....I think tonight I will be having a blog writing night and get them scheduled....I find this time of year so easy to come up with blog posts....Christmas preparation is fun!

So apart from feeling like death warmed up it hasn't been a bad week.... 

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  1. Sorry you have been feeling rubbish, hope you feel better soon.
    And the birthday takeaway sounds perfect, i'd much rather that than any fuss too.
    Have a relaxing weekend x

    1. Thank you! Me too....This cold is just dragging on. It's moved onto my chest now. Ugh!

  2. Yes, I know what you mean about blogging now, so much to write! Hope you feel better soon and are happy with your birthday plans x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. I have too many ideas, crafts to do and things to bake. I can't keep up. lol
      Thank you!

  3. Hi Kim, hope you are feeling better and a BIG Happy Birthday (hope you are being spoiled rotten with breakfast in bed). My birthday is just before Christmas and all I ever want to do is to snuggle up with some sweet treats and watch Christmas films and yes I do believe it's an age thing.

    It must be a relief that Ellie's behaviour has improved, fingers crossed it stays that way. And who thought that getting on top of piles of washing could be so stress relieving? Only a Mum would know.


    1. Thank you Debbie. It's not my birthday until next week but I hadn't even thought about breakfast in bed. Great idea!
      Ahh, it sounds like you have a perfect birthday!

  4. so it is all your fault I feel like this then??????
    Sat in my bed ( cos I have no kids) and have dosed up with paracetamol and lemsip and covonia and extra puffs of the inhaler. Spent yesterday mind-numbingly sleeping through and watching bits of kids films on netflix on my tablet trying not to cough cos it hurt like hell.
    I never think to schedule posts, I tend to publish them as I write them.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, and nice to know Ellie's behaviour has improved - maybe it was something to do with last years teacher?
    Happy Birthday for Saturday, that is the same day as the gruesome twosome. Got 4 birthdays in this week.

  5. Oh you poor thing, I had a nasty cold and sympathise as you lose all your energy. Hope it clears up soon and you can get some rest. Happy birthday for Saturday X #wotw